How to Lighten Eyebrows With Makeup: 5 Steps to Lighter Brows

Brow lightening is a popular trend, both on and off social media. We're here to tell you you can nail this look yourself for your clients without using bleach. You can effortlessly lighten your client's brows with the right eyebrow makeup products and our expert tips.

Introduction to Eyebrow Lightening With Makeup

Instead of using permanent methods like bleaching eyebrows, you can use makeup for lighter brows. The range of products for this beauty trick is vast, from eyebrow mascara made explicitly for lightening dark eyebrows to concealer atop brows to lighten them subtly. The best part is that it's temporary, so if your client isn't feeling the lighter brows one day, they can completely switch up their look the next.

Ensure your client knows the advantages of having a professional lighten their brows rather than trying to do it yourself. As an expert, you can mitigate their allergies, irritation, redness, or swelling risks and ensure their eyebrows' safety.

Reasons to Lighten Eyebrows

Your client might be motivated to change their eyebrows for a few reasons.

  • To enhance their look: Lighter brows can set a striking contrast, paving the way for creative and bold makeup styles.
  • To complement their hair color: Lightening their brows can be beneficial if they change their hair color. 
  • To create a more natural look: By adjusting their eyebrow shade, they can shift their look toward a softer, natural-looking light brow.

Choosing Your Tools & Products

When exploring eyebrow-lightening techniques or aiming for a subtle eyebrow color change on your client, have the right tools and products for the job. Whether you have your own line of beauty products or a few favorite brands, here's how to point your client to their new go-to's.

Eyebrow Pencil vs. Gel

The perfect tool for lightening eyebrows depends on your preference and the look you are aiming for. Eyebrow pencils provide control, making it easier for beginners or those targeting specific areas. Conversely, gels are ideal for extra hold and a more uniform brow filling. Suppose your client is looking for a temporary change. In that case, we recommend using an eyebrow pencil to create a natural-looking light brow.

Selecting the Perfect Shade

The general rule is to select a brow pencil shade that complements your client's skin tone and is one to two shades lighter than their hair color. This tip is handy for achieving a soft, natural look with softer brow looks. It's important to remember that creating the desired effect often requires trying multiple shades until you nail the perfect match.

The Role of Concealer

A concealer in a lighter shade than your client's complexion can help lift the color of their brows, creating a bright and fresh look, mainly when combined with your choice of eyebrow pencil or gel. Applying concealer on the brow bone sparingly enhances the lighter brow look further, drawing more attention to their eyes. 

5 Steps to Lightening Brows With Makeup

Eyebrow pencils and gels can help when your client wants a subtle eyebrow color change without harsh bleach or permanent commitments. Remember to take before-and-after pictures to share your results with prospective clients. 

Cleanse the Skin

With lightening dark eyebrows on the agenda, starting with a clean slate is vital since the oils from their skin can interfere with the pencil's application. Wash your client's face thoroughly and ensure the brow area is free of sebum and makeup.

Prep the Brows With Concealer

Go for a color that's a shade or two lighter than your client's natural brow color. A flat, synthetic brush is the perfect tool for precisely applying the product. Begin by placing a small concealer along the underside of their eyebrow. Blend using gentle upward strokes, mimicking the direction of their hair growth. This gives both light and creates an illusion of fuller brows.

Use Natural-Looking Application Techniques

Grab a pencil a shade lighter than their hair color. This subtle contrast adds dimension to their brows and gives them just the right pop. The key to creating softer brow looks is using the eyebrow pencil to make light, feathery strokes that mimic the natural hair's growth direction. Alternatively, apply a small amount of gel, adding multiple layers to achieve a lighter color if necessary.

Blend for a Seamless Finish

Flip the pencil or gel wand and use the spoolie end to distribute the product evenly and create a seamless, natural finish. Blending is the magic step that integrates the eyebrow pencil or gel shade with the original brow color. If things look wrong, don't fret. Tweak and adjust until you strike the right balance and find what looks the most natural.

Apply Highlighter

Adding a lighter tone to the top of your client's brow creates more depth and emphasizes their brow's arch. Using an eyebrow highlighter along their brow bone can further enhance your eyebrow lightening techniques, making their brows look naturally groomed and defined. 

Aftercare & Maintenance

Follow these tips to sustain the perfect soft brow look.

  • Use a quality eyebrow-setting product. Setting your client's brows after applying lighter shades will ensure a long-lasting and even finish. A gel or clear mascara will hold the brow hairs in place, prevent smudging, and keep the subtle eyebrow color change intact.
  • Groom the brows regularly. Regular grooming is a must, no matter the shade of the eyebrows. Whether your client has dark or light eyebrows, urge them to keep them neat and avoid the monobrow look.
  • Using the right products. Have your client use products that enhance their lightened brows. For instance, opt for a lighter shade of eyebrow pencil, use concealers and eyebrow highlighters appropriately, and don't rule out eyebrow mascaras for lightening. All these help to create softer brow looks.
  • Avoid harsh formulas. Harsh chemicals can damage your client's brow hairs, making them weak and brittle. Please encourage them to choose mild, gentle products that nourish while helping them achieve that desired color.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my eyebrows blonde without bleach?

You can lighten your eyebrows without bleach by using a mix of a lighter concealer mixed with a slightly peachy shade. This technique works best with under-eye concealer. Be sure to apply the product only to the eyebrow hair, not the skin beneath it.

Can you color your eyebrows lighter?

Yes, you can lighten your eyebrows using tint. A specialist will apply a pigment of a lighter shade to help lighten your eyebrows. This is especially effective if your eyebrows are overly dark or have a reddish hue and need a more natural tone.

How do you lighten your eyebrows fast?

One of the fastest ways to lighten your eyebrows is to use an eyebrow pencil a shade lighter than your existing eyebrow color.

How can I make my eyebrows lighter with makeup?

Using a lighter-toned eyebrow pencil or powder can help significantly lighten your brow color. After applying the product, comb through your eyebrows with a spoolie brush to blend it evenly. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone for the most natural look.