How to Apply Eyebrow Pencil: Expert Tips for Perfect Brows

Our first piece of advice is to choose the right eyebrow pencil if you want to perfect your eyebrow makeup game. Defining your clients' eyebrows with pencils allows precision, ease, and control. 

The best part about using these pencils is the ability to fill sparse areas, producing more even and fuller brows. It's all about identifying gaps, mastering the art of fine strokes, and blending the pencil in to mimic the person's natural hair. With our top tips, you can fill in those sparse areas and create brows that are as bold or subtle as the client wishes. 

Choosing a Type of Eyebrow Pencil

When defining and shaping eyebrows with a pencil, choosing a product that complements your client's natural assets is essential. Whether you're just starting out or already a pro, there's an eyebrow pencil to match your skill level. 

If you're a beginner, we advise starting with pencils that have a fuss-free, precise tip to aid control. With practice, you'll be creating natural brow arches, filling in sparse eyebrows, and quickly making subtle to bold enhancements.

Many eyebrow pencils are long-lasting and sometimes waterproof, making them highly reliable. Ensure you've finely sharpened the pencil tip to ensure a long-lasting pencil. This will make sketching light upward strokes that mimic a realistic eyebrow hair effect easier.

Choosing the Right Color

The eyebrow pencil shade should harmonize with your client's natural brow color for the best look. If their eyebrows are exceptionally light, opt for a pencil half a shade darker. A quick swatch on the back of your hand can save you from a too-dark or too-light faux pas.

Their hair color is also pivotal when you're trying to choose the right eyebrow pencil color. The general rule is for dark hair, aim for a pencil one or two shades lighter; for light hair, go a shade or two darker. If their eyebrow color complements their hair color, it will enhance the overall balance of their features.

Preparing Brows for Pencil Application

Proper preparation is vital to transforming sparse eyebrows into fuller, well-defined arches:

  • Clean: Start by cleaning their eyebrows to remove any dirt or oils. A quick swipe with a hygienic wipe or a gentle cleanser will do the job. 
  • Groom: Tweezers are a staple tool for removing stray hairs. Remember this simple rule: less is more when shaping eyebrows with a pencil. Instead of creating a new shape, enhance your brow arch to ensure a natural-looking result.
  • Moisturize: Applying a light layer of moisturizer or eyebrow conditioner will keep the brow hair healthy and facilitate the pencil's smoother, more precise application.
  • Brush: Brush the brow hairs with a brow brush or spoolie in the direction they naturally grow. This helps you identify sparse areas that need filling and significantly helps when blending the eyebrow pencil for a seamless finish.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Eyebrow Pencil

Whether your client prefers a defined look or a natural-looking eyebrow pencil application, use the following steps as a guide.

Step 1: Brush the Brows

This prepares the eyebrows for pencil application and helps reveal the natural brow arch. It's a simple technique but can significantly elevate the look. Opt for a spoolie brush or a brow comb to do the grooming job.

Step 2: Outline & Fill Sparse Areas

With your sharpened pencil, draw the contours of the eyebrows in the desired shape, then fill in any sparse spots. If you want the application to be long-lasting, add more pressure to the pencil or a second layer.

Step 3: Blend for a Natural Look

Use a spoolie brush to blend the color evenly. This gives the makeup a softer appearance and reduces the contrast between your client's skin and hair, leading to an overall natural-looking pair of brows.

Step 4: Set the Brows

Your final stroke of genius is using clear brow gel to set the brows. This ensures your careful work doesn't smudge or rub off during the day. Waterproof eyebrow pencils or a makeup sealer could also be options.

Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Overfilling eyebrows is a common mistake when defining eyebrows with a pencil. The consequence? Harsh lines that detract from the natural appeal and balance of the person's face. Whether filling in sparse eyebrows or shaping thick brows with an eyebrow pencil, we advocate using light, feathery strokes that imitate the pattern of natural hair. The goal is a seamless blend that even a discerning eye would mistake for natural fullness.

Another standard error is selecting the wrong eyebrow pencil color. While it may seem intuitive to match the color of your brow hair, we have a different approach. Select a color that's one shade lighter than your natural brow hair. This technique aids in creating a more understated and natural eyebrow pencil application, preventing a stark, drawn-on appearance.

When in doubt between two shades, always opt for the lighter one. A lighter shade can subtly build up to mimic the complexity and depth of natural hair color. In contrast, a shade too dark can quickly look unnatural.

Prolonging the Wear of Eyebrow Makeup

A common question from clients is, "How can I make my eyebrow makeup last longer?" There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer since everyone has different skin types and lifestyles. However, several general tips can help prolong the results of your careful pencil strokes.

Firstly, consider using a waterproof eyebrow pencil on your client's brows. Waterproof formulas resist smudging and fading, keeping brows polished throughout the day. In addition, waterproof pencils are especially beneficial for those living in humid climates or those who sweat more frequently.

Next, blending eyebrow pencil softly after application ensures the pigment adheres well to the person's skin. Following up with a clear or tinted eyebrow gel can help set the pencil, adding an extra layer of endurance to your brow makeup. A makeup sealer is an additional barrier against external conditions, locking in your client's perfect arch for a more intense hold.

Daily Eyebrow Care

Regarding eyebrow maintenance, daily care matters as much as the application process. Emphasize to your clients that makeup removal is critical to their long-lasting brow health. Please encourage them to clean off the eyebrow pencil at night with a gentle makeup remover to avoid clogged pores or potential irritation.

Advise your clients to practice regular brow grooming. Tools like a brow brush or spoolie can help alleviate clumps left from filling sparse eyebrows and ensure a more natural appearance.

Remember, defining eyebrows with a pencil doesn't have to be intimidating. It's a process, so patience and practice can go a long way in learning to shape and fill your brows effortlessly. So, whether you're a beginner or experienced in brow shaping, maintenance, and aftercare, you are the unsung heroes who achieved that perfect, natural brow arch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I maintain stunning results after using the eyebrow pencil technique?

Using eyebrow pencil techniques can maintain stunning results. To ensure longevity, use waterproof eyebrow pencils. Also, blend softly and use eyebrow gel for setting. Daily care, such as proper makeup removal and regular brow grooming with a spoolie or brow brush, is crucial.

Should eyebrow pencil application precede or follow mascara?

It's advisable to apply a pencil to the eyebrow before applying mascara. Applying makeup products after the brow pencil might get into the hair follicles, possibly stunting brow growth and leading to shedding.

What's the step-by-step guide to drawing eyebrows?

Start from the inner brow, and mark the start, arch, and endpoints. Use your brow pencil to softly outline under the brow and repeat for the top outline. Now, fill in the outline sparingly, careful not to darken the front part excessively. Blend gently with a spoolie.

Which eyebrow shape is considered most attractive?

The soft-angled eyebrow shape is considered the most attractive. It goes straight up, gently curves around at the top, and goes down. For individuals with a long face, a flat eyebrow shape can help the face appear shorter.

How can one use an eyebrow pencil for a natural look?

Use a brow pencil a shade lighter than the eyebrows for a natural look. Gently fill in sparse areas, maintaining the natural brow shape. Finish by combing the brows with a spoolie to distribute the color evenly.