How to Take Perfect Before and After Photos

One of the most important parts of being a lash and brow artist is showcasing your work. The best way to ensure you’re showing off your skills is by taking perfect before and after photos. Taking photos of your finished work is a lot more than just snapping a photo, there’s actually a lot that goes into taking a great photo.

From lighting to angles, there’s so much that goes into taking beautiful before and after photos. Taking quality photos is the best way to show off your talent to potential clients as well as build your social media platform. 


Possibly the most important part of taking an amazing before and after photo is making sure you have great lighting. Lighting can make the quality of your photos so much better, while also capturing the fine details of your work. If you happen to be in a place that doesn’t have the best lighting or maybe too much shadow, there’s no need to worry! Using tools such as ring lights or selfie ring lights can add that picture-perfect lighting to any photo. Ring lights and selfie ring lights also don’t require much preparation and are relatively easy to use for any photo. 

There is such a thing as “too much lighting”, so it is important to avoid any overexposure when taking your photos. If you own an iPhone, the portrait feature on your camera is a great way to achieve optimum lighting. 


Okay, now that you have the lighting down, you want to make sure you’re using a good quality camera. Most of today’s Smartphone cameras should suffice, but in the case that you have an older phone, it is best to invest in a good camera. Capturing your work with an older or low-quality camera can result in the photos coming out blurry or with off lighting. 

Another way to boost the quality of your before and after photos is by making sure there aren’t any stray lashes or brow hairs in the photos. This will result in a messy-looking photo.

Some of your clients may also benefit from having their hair pulled back with a headband to ensure that no stray hairs are in the photos. 

Angles Matter

Angles are very important when it comes to showcasing your work. When you’re taking a before and after photo, you want to always make sure to take a few different photos from different angles. It’s best to try a few different angles to find the right one. You should also consider your client’s eye shapes and facial structures when taking photos. Some eye shapes and facial structures look better from different angles, so you want to make sure to take photos that flatter your client’s face. 

If you’re having trouble knowing which angle is the best, consider starting with a close-up photo of the eyes, eyelashes and brows. Try multiple different angles and get feedback from a trusted colleague. 


Consistency is key when it comes to taking before and after photos. When you’re taking before and after photos, it’s best to take them from the same angles, distances, and with the same lighting. This way, when you’re showcasing your work on social media, other professionals or to potential clients, they can see just how different your clients' brows and lashes look when comparing the before and after pictures. Having consistency in your photos can also help build your platform and bring more clients your way.