Pro Tint Pack


Get Our One Of A Kind Pro Tint Pack

Truly transform your client’s look with our Pro Tint Pack. From subtle to extreme, Beautiful Brows and Lashes Professional Lash & Brow Tints can help you unleash your client’s desired look and reveal that look to the world.

The Pro Tint Pack has everything a professional stylist needs to transform the color of the lashes and brows. Comes complete with professional grooming and application accessories.

Pack Includes: 

  • Tint Remover 
  • Cream Developer 
  • 1 of each tint color (Mid Brown, Brown, Natural Brown, Black and Blue Black) 
  • Brow Definer Brush
  • Protective Eye Guard 
  • Glass Tint Mixing Cup
  • BBL Tweezers & 
  • BBL Trimming Scissors 

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