Professional Brow Palette


Create beautiful eyebrows using the professional brow palette.

This professional high-tech palette includes all of our 3 DUO semi-permanent eyebrow powders which are lovingly made in the uk. It is designed to suit all skin and hair colors and expertly emphasizes brows in seconds.

The colors are long lasting, smudge proof, sweat proof and water resistant.
This palette also contains a sharp angled brush for perfect application and 6 different stencil shapes to give your client the perfect arch and tail.

  • For a “soft” finish apply a small amount of powder through the eyebrows.
  • For a more prominent, defined look apply more powder to the angled brush
  • and sweep over the brows again. Then apply highlighter under the brow.
  • The green corrector helps to reduce redness (perfect to apply after an eyebrow wax).
  • The yellow corrector helps to brighten the skin.
  • The beautiful smoothie/wax can be applied to the brows to hold the hairs in place.
Light Brown/Medium Brown
This color will give you a blonde or soft brown brow. It is good for blondes, those with light brown hair or many highlighted and strawberry blondes. It is great for fair/light skin tones. 
Dark Brown/Chocolate
This color will give you a dark brown brow. It is beautiful on brunettes, darker red heads and those with a medium/olive skin tone.
This color is best for people with silver or black hair and also works for a range of skin tones depending on your desired look. (Please see the Slate/Black drop down to see this color on all skin types) This powder is very pigmented so you will only need very little powder to create a soft, natural look.

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