DIY vs. Professional Brow Tint

Eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that adds depth and noticeable thickness to your eyebrows. Some of your clients may be tempted to perform the procedure at home. Still, a professional brow tint offers significant advantages that a DIY one can't.

Brow Tinting for Defined Brows

In the past, brows often followed a one-size-fits-all trend. However, the beauty world takes a much more personalized approach today. We see more nuanced brow-shaping techniques and various products to enhance personal brow styles. Among these, brow tinting has become a go-to for many to achieve lasting brow definition. 

This semi-permanent dye treatment enhances your brows' natural shape and thickness, giving a more dramatic, well-groomed look. It's an excellent solution for clients with naturally light or thinning brows. Incorporating this technique into your beauty arsenal can add depth to your client's facial features.

DIY Brow Tinting vs. Salon Brow Tinting

Getting professional eyebrow tinting in a salon grants your clients the beauty of a practiced hand. As an experienced technician, you've likely conducted eyebrow dye applications countless times. Make sure your clients know and understand the benefits of working with you versus trying to go the DIY route.

  • DIY brow tinting doesn't include a consultation. For starters, your salon brow tint services likely involve a pre-service consultation. This allows you to work with your client to find their desired shade and intensity when matching their hair color and skin tone.
  • DIY brow tinting can be risky. Good results are essential, but your clients should also care about your salon's standard safety precautions, such as using FDA-approved eyebrow dyes and checking for allergies. Working with non-FDA-approved tints in a DIY situation carries a specific risk, and allergic reactions could lead to potentially serious complications.
  • DIY brow tinting can result in costly mistakes. With a DIY brow tint, your client might need help to quickly fix mistakes at home. However, a trained stylist like yourself has the experience to guide them away from potential mishaps.
  • DIY brow tinting varies in quality. Salon brow tint services are indeed an investment. They come at a higher price point than home eyebrow tint kits, but the results often justify the price difference. Make it clear to your clients that they're paying for the assurance of safety, expertise, and a high-quality outcome.

It's also about convenience and saving time! Emphasize to your clients the positives of skipping the messy, time-consuming part of DIY. They should look forward to simply showing up at the salon, leaning back in their chair, and leaving with beautifully tinted eyebrows.

Benefits of a Professional Tinting

Professional eyebrow tinting trumps DIY eyebrow dye in several key areas. If you have clients curious about whether they can perform their brow tint at home, ensure they know these advantages.

  • You get to work with an expert. An esthetician with years of experience and honed skills assesses your face shape, skin tone, hair color, and personal preferences. They'll select the perfect tint shade that blends seamlessly with your natural brows and enhances your appearance.
  • The application is precise. Professionals use precision tools and techniques to ensure correct placement during the application. A barrier cream will likely protect the skin surrounding your brows, ensuring the tint ends up only where it belongs.
  • The process is quick. The average session lasts about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of tinting your brows. You don't have to worry about setup or cleanup. You show up, enjoy your brow tint, and you're done.
  • The results are high-quality and long-lasting. You can't mirror at home the expertise and experience that professionals bring. Reputable salons use high-quality, tried-and-tested eyebrow tint products that look good for the maximum time.
  • A professional setting is safer. Salons have access to top-notch products that are healthier and safer for your brows. Professionals also know how to follow safety regulations, wear PPE (personal protective equipment), and test for skin sensitivities.
  • You can easily add on services. Salons may offer additional, complementary services like eyebrow shaping. If you're already making a trip to the salon, save time and choose a package or select a few treatments for the ultimate convenience.]

Frequently Asked Questions

What do estheticians use to tint eyebrows?

Estheticians typically tint eyebrows using semi-permanent vegetable dye or henna. They mix the color to match your existing shade for a natural look. Tinting can help your eyebrows appear thicker and more youthful.

What lasts longer than eyebrow tint?

Henna treatment lasts significantly longer than regular eyebrow tints. It lasts up to two weeks on your skin and up to six weeks on your hair. Additionally, henna nourishes the skin and hair follicles, promoting their health.

Does eyebrow tint look weird at first?

Eyebrow tints can initially stain your skin, making your brows appear darker. It might look strange initially if you're not used to this, but don't worry. The color will become less intense after a day as the stain fades.

What is the best way to tint your eyebrows?

The best way to tint your eyebrows is to seek the help of a professional. This is the only way to ensure your safety, comfort, professional-looking results, and long-lasting tint.