Guide to Applying Eyebrow Makeup & Shaping Thick Eyebrows

Applying makeup to accentuate thick brows is crucial in achieving a defined, polished look. A tinted brow gel can add color and shape, while a clear gel offers a natural, clean finish. Remember, it's all about enhancing the natural beauty of brows and creating the look that suits your client best. 

But mastering eyebrow makeup application and eyebrow shaping is more than just making your client look good. You also need to keep up with the best practices around hygiene, products, and tools for thick brows.

Must-Have Eyebrow Tools

Eyebrow maintenance is a skill, and just like any other, it requires the right tools. Some standout tools can make all the difference regarding thick eyebrow-shaping tips.

  • Tweezers: The first tool is a good pair of tweezers, which are used to pick out stray hairs and maintain the brows' natural shape.
  • Brushes: Brushes, on the other hand, are fantastic for grooming dense eyebrows. They can smooth out eyebrow hairs for a neat, streamlined look.
  • Scissors: A fine pair of small, sharp scissors is also a must. When trimming and shaping full brows, use these to snip away any hairs that fall outside the brows' clean lines.
  • Spoolies: Spoolie brushes are essential for sculpting bushy eyebrows. They help you comb through brows to remove any product buildup and guide them into the preferred shape.

Selecting the Right Eyebrow Products

Of course, the right tools are only half the battle. High-quality eyebrow products can fill sparse areas, set the shape, and give brows a more defined look.

  • Eyebrow powder: An eyebrow powder for thick brows can help you achieve a soft, natural appearance while maintaining your brows' fullness.
  • Eyebrow pomade: Pomades are excellent for filling in thick brows and giving a slightly more dramatic, defined look. 
  • Eyebrow gel: Eyebrow gel for coarse hair sets the shape, helping brows withstand the elements and last all day.
  • Eyebrow pencil: When balancing facial features with thick eyebrows, opt for a pencil shade that matches the brow color. This helps create a cohesive look.

Choosing the Right Shade

One critical thick eyebrow-shaping tip is finding the perfect shade of eyebrow product. A wrong shade can create an unnatural look, contrasting your client's brows and hair. Selecting a shade that closely resonates with their natural brow color is vital. If you're stuck, consider choosing a slightly lighter shade for a softer effect. 

Say no to shades too dark or warm for their hair and skin tone. Striking the right balance is the key to maintaining a natural eyebrow shape while filling in their brows.

Prepping Eyebrows

Preparation is vital to ensure your client's brows are ready for you to work with and that they will also accept the product formulas well. Additionally, mapping is critical to finding the shape that will be the most flattering for your client's face. Here are some crucial prep steps:

  • Cleanse the brows: Dirty and tangled hairs obstruct the natural eyebrow shape, making it harder to fill and define them correctly. Start by cleansing the brow area with a gentle facial cleanser. 
  • Brush the brows: After drying the brow area, use a quality spoolie to brush the brow hairs in their natural direction, taming any long or unruly hairs.
  • Trim if necessary: For clients with extra bushy brows, you may need to trim a little. Use scissors to cut one hair at a time to avoid making gaps or cutting the ends too short.
  • Map the eyebrows: Identify each brow's start, arch, and endpoint. Use a brow pencil to lightly mark these points, creating clean, symmetrical lines. Once you've determined the right shape, you can define the thick eyebrows by mapping.

Shaping & Filling in Thick Eyebrows

Trimming and tweezing are two essential techniques for shaping thick eyebrows. Frequently, it's not the amount of hair that causes an undesired look but rather the length. So, trimming can be an effective solution for taming unruly brows. Use an eyebrow brush to comb the brows naturally beforehand. 

In contrast, tweezing lets you remove stray hairs, helping to create cleaner lines and maintain the desired eyebrow shape. Doing what is necessary is vital, as overplucking can lead to sparse and patchy brows. Maintaining natural fullness is crucial!

If your client has sparse areas, whether from overplucking or not, you can fill these in with precision using eyebrow powder. Make sure to blend the eyebrow makeup throughout with a spoolie brush for a realistic finish. Or mimic the natural hair growth with a brow pencil by making tiny, hair-like strokes. 

Adapting Eyebrow Trends

Eyebrows have become a fashion statement, and those with lush, thick brows flaunt them rather than hide them. While eyebrow trends come and go, the current focus is on enhancing and defining the natural brow shape rather than creating a whole new shape.

That said, a person's eyebrows are as unique as they are, so it's better to adopt any trends according to their own eyebrow texture and face shape rather than try to drastically change it. Everyone has a different facial structure, so creating clean lines in thick brows might look great on one person but may not suit another. Remember, it's all about balancing facial features with thick eyebrows. A person's brows should frame their face, not overpower it.

Safety & Hygiene in Eyebrow Grooming

Maintaining clean and sanitary eyebrow care tools is paramount during your eyebrow grooming routine. Below are some crucial best practices. 

  • Clean your tools. If you leave them unclean, they harbor bacteria that can cause infections. Use a gentle, antibacterial solution to clean these tools. 
  • Sharpen your pencils. This helps to keep the pencils clean since it removes the outer, bacteria-laden layer.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly. This will help prevent infections, eye irritation, clogged follicles, and falling eyebrow hairs.
  • Steam the facial area. Use a warm cloth on your client to open their follicles and soften the hairs. This will minimize any potential irritation.
  • Don't share your tools. A good rule of thumb when trimming and shaping full brows is never to share tools, as this can spread bacteria.
  • Check expiration dates. Long-wear makeup can help you tame unruly, coarse eyebrow hairs, but you must ensure the product isn't expired; otherwise, it can be a potential source of infection.
  • Watch for allergies. If your client shows an allergic reaction or skin sensitivity, remove the product immediately. Seek medical help if the response is severe.
  • Wear the right gear. You must wear the appropriate PPE or personal protective equipment when working with your clients. This ensures a safe and hygienic environment for both of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it essential to keep eyebrow grooming tools clean?

Maintaining the cleanliness of eyebrow grooming tools is crucial to preventing the risk of bacterial infections, potential irritation, or hair loss. Unclean tools can harbor bacteria, leading to infections when used on the skin. After each use, clean them thoroughly with warm water and gentle soap and let them air-dry to keep bacteria at bay.

What are some safe grooming techniques for dense eyebrows?

Steaming your client's face to soften their hair is recommended for dense eyebrows before you begin grooming. This can help prevent any skin irritation. Also, to prevent bacterial spread, avoid sharing your grooming tools and wash your tools thoroughly between uses.

How can one manage coarse eyebrow hair?

You can use long-wear makeup, such as tinted or transparent eyebrow gel, to manage coarse eyebrow hair. However, to avoid potential infections, it's necessary to regularly check makeup products for their expiration dates.

What are the risks of using expired makeup?

Expired makeup can harbor bacteria, irritating the skin and potentially leading to infections. Always check the expiration dates on your makeup products and dispose of them if they have expired.

Can eyebrows influence perceived age?

Yes, complete and bold eyebrows can give the impression of youthfulness and good health, as hair thinning is often associated with aging. Over-plucked or skinny brows might make one appear older.

What is the current trend in eyebrow fashion?

Thick, bushy eyebrows are currently in vogue. Initially popularized in the mid-2010s, they add expression, frame the face, and signify youthfulness. The trend has continued, although the preferred shape has evolved.