How to Make Eyebrows Look Thicker

In the quest for fuller, more defined eyebrows, we've uncovered a wealth of tips and tricks. It's all about embracing your client's natural brow shape, using growth-enhancing serums, and keeping the brows hydrated. The proper eyebrow makeup application can enhance their natural fullness without compromising the brows' health. Here's to thicker, healthier eyebrows that are worth flaunting!

Factors Affecting Eyebrow Thickness

Numerous elements affect the thickness of brows:

  • Grooming habits: For instance, tweezing can inadvertently rupture tiny blood vessels that nourish the brow hairs, causing them to fall out and not grow back. To avoid this, hold the skin taut and tweeze the hair in its growing direction, typically upward or toward the temple.
  • Formulas: Companies may advertise eyebrow growth serums or castor oil for eyebrow growth as miracle solutions, but science doesn't still need to fully back these claims. Ricinoleic acid, which makes up nearly 90% of castor oil, could counter hair loss.
  • Medical conditions: If thin brows result from over-grooming or a medical issue, a growth reversal might be on the cards
  • Genetics: Unfortunately, your ability to grow thicker brows might be limited if you're naturally predisposed to thin brows.

Selecting the Right Products

Looking for ways to make your client's eyebrows look thicker? Selecting the right products is vital. An eyebrow pencil is your go-to tool for filling sparse eyebrows. Versions with a spoolie on one end and a retractable pencil on the other are great for quick eyebrow-thickening sessions. Remember not to press too hard on the area with the brow pencil while drawing. Feather-light strokes mimic natural eyebrow hairs, leading to a fuller eyebrow makeup look.

Remember brow mascaras. Great for extending the volume of brows, higher-quality mascaras contain fibers that add to natural brows, giving them a fuller look in a few brush strokes. Also, pay attention to eyebrow powder. A light dusting can give brows a fuller look, boosting their volume. Using a spoolie brush, prep the brows by directly brushing a small amount of translucent setting powder onto the hairs.

Suppose your client is interested in other brow options that save them time and trouble. In that case, a combination of brow lamination and brow tinting is recommended. Both are popular choices in brow grooming and can result in brows that appear fuller yet still appear natural. As a bonus, both treatments are long-lasting. For example, a brow tint can last weeks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Thicker Brows

Step 1: Determine the Ideal Brow Shape

Defining the ideal brow shape is the first thing to consider in eyebrow thickening techniques. Some folks prefer a high arch, others a more natural, straight-across brow. Understanding your client's facial structure and identifying their most flattering brow shape is vital to enhancing their look. You can find a person's ideal eyebrow arch by aligning the arch's highest point directly above the outer edge of the iris when looking straight ahead.

Step 2: Shape & Fill in Their Brows

Work in sync with your client's natural brows rather than against them. Fill in sparse eyebrows with a pencil or powder closely matching their natural color. For best results, create believable hair-like strokes when shaping thick brows. In particular, an eyebrow pencil is ideal for creating thickness, while eyebrow powder can help you achieve a fuller effect.

Step 3: Add Volume with Brow Mascara

After shaping and filling the brows, adding volume with eyebrow fiber gel is a breeze. This product contains tiny microfibers that adhere to the existing hair and skin, creating the illusion of naturally fuller eyebrows. Beyond just makeup, some products might help encourage authentic growth. While few peer-reviewed studies advocate castor oil as a miracle product, many individuals have found luck with daily applications of it.

Step 4: Moisturize the Brows

Moisturizing the eyebrows is as crucial as moisturizing the face. Remember to hydrate your client's brows to help prevent hair loss and encourage growth. Additionally, proper hydration can prevent skin irritation and promote the smooth future application of brow products.

Tips for Maintaining Thick-Looking Brows

With a careful, dedicated approach, your clients can easily maintain those coveted, beautiful, thick brows. Here are some expert tips and techniques for sustaining their fuller eyebrow makeup looks.

  • Use eyebrow growth serums: These contain beneficial ingredients like castor oil, peptides, jojoba oil, panthenol, keratin, and even caffeine. Encourage your client to try adding one to their daily routine for improved brow health.
  • Keep the brows moisturized: Coconut oil is popular in hair and skin health but also shows potential for natural enhancement. While concrete scientific data may be lacking, beauty community members still swear by adding it to their brows.
  • Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth: Proper tweezing ensures the healthy return of the hair by protecting the tiny blood vessels each hair is attached to. Avoid removing hair in the wrong direction since this could lead to the hair never growing back. 

Avoiding Common Eyebrow Makeup Mistakes

Eyebrow makeup has been a blessing for those instantly seeking fuller eyebrows. However, incorrectly using products like eyebrow fiber gel, eyebrow powder, or eyebrow pencils may hamper your efforts.

While filling sparse eyebrows is expected to create the illusion of thicker brows, do it wisely. Use the right products, the correct shade matching your client's eyebrow color, and the proper application technique to maintain their natural-looking thick eyebrows.

Avoid overuse of topicals. Heavy creams and oils might weigh down the brows, forcing them to droop and obstruct growth in the desired direction.

Sticky gels can also prove to be problematic. Use lightweight and flexible formulas instead of gel-like superglues. The latter can cause the delicate hairs to stick together, risking falling out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most natural way to fill in eyebrows?

Adopt a minimalist approach and use a brow gel. It's a tinted product that comes with a spoolie. Brush this over the existing brow hairs to add more definition and help shape the brows, giving them a more natural look.

How can I make eyebrows look thicker naturally?

Start by exfoliating and moisturizing the skin under the brows. Apply a conditioning oil and consider giving the brows a tweezing break. Lastly, apply brow hair growth serum.

How can I make thin eyebrows look thicker without makeup?

Use castor oil. Dab a small amount over the eyebrows using a Q-tip or a spoolie brush. Brush the oil upward, imitating the eyebrow's natural hair growth until the brow is saturated.

What is the best product for sparse eyebrows?

A brow powder is an excellent choice. Though brow pencils are standard, a powder can help you fill in sparse brows, working wonders.