What You Should Know About Body Wax Products and Services

Waxing is a body ritual dating back centuries. Ancient Egyptians introduced the concept by using beeswax and sugar waxing techniques to remove body hair for smoother skin and a more “civilized” look. Fast-forward to modern times: body waxing is still all the rage, with numerous people worldwide scheduling appointments with their trusted esthetician for bikini or Brazilian wax treatments.

Want to sell body waxing products or services from your e-commerce store? Here’s what you should know.

What Is a Body Wax?

Getting a body wax is a popular hair removal method that involves applying a particular type of wax to the skin's hairy areas and then swiftly removing the wax, along with the unwanted hair. The process effectively uproots the hair, leading to smoother skin that lasts longer than shaving.

Types of Body Wax

Body wax types are generally defined by how and where on the body you apply the wax. These are the main types from which to choose:

Hot Wax:

This method uses heated wax that adheres firmly to the hair, making it suitable for coarse or thick hair and sensitive skin areas.

Strip Wax:

Also known as soft wax, this involves applying a thin layer of wax and using fabric or paper strips to remove the hair swiftly.

Cold Wax:

This ready-to-use wax doesn't require heating and is applied directly to the skin, making it convenient for quick touch-ups


An all-natural alternative, sugaring uses a paste made from sugar, lemon, and water for gentle hair removal.

Hard Wax:

Ideal for the upper lip, underarms, and other delicate areas, hard wax hardens on its own, allowing for easy removal without strips.

Each type of body waxing has its advantages, and choosing the proper one depends on individual hair texture, skin sensitivity, and the area being waxed

Commonly Asked Questions About Body Waxing

Whether you want to enhance your waxing knowledge or offer it as a service, we've got you covered with answers to the two most common questions about this hair removal method.

How Do You Apply and Remove Hair Wax?

Applying and removing body wax doesn't have to be daunting. Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Preparation: Clean and dry the skin. Then, trim long hairs to about 1/4 inch for optimal waxing.

  2. Heat the Wax: If using hot wax, warm it according to the package instructions. Cold waxes are ready to use.

  3. Application: Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth using a spatula or strip. Smooth it evenly.

  4. Removal: For strip wax, place a fabric strip over the wax, press firmly, and swiftly pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. For hard wax, wait for it to harden, then grip the edge and pull it off sharply in the opposite direction.

  5. Post-Wax Care: Soothe the skin with a post-waxing oil or lotion to minimize irritation and redness.

Remember to carefully read and follow product instructions for safe and effective results

What Are Body Waxing Benefits?

Body waxing offers several benefits, including these:

  • Exfoliates the skin, leaving it looking and feeling revitalized and hair-free

  • Removes hair from the root, leading to smoother skin with softer regrowth

  • Reduces hair density over time

  • Provides longer-lasting results compared to shaving

For many people, body waxing also improves their personal hygiene, making them feel more self-confident and attractive.

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