Beauty Glossary: Terminology All Professionals Need to Know

The beauty industry is full of unique terminology, though that’s no surprise. With specialties like hair, makeup, lashes, and nails, there’s a lot to learn. It’s easy to lose track of different terms when it comes to fundamentals and keeping up with current trends.

This is why we’ve created this beauty glossary of industry terminology. Save it so you have it on hand when you need to access a resource at a moment’s notice. Also, feel free to use this glossary to educate and refresh your memory, keeping your mind sharp in this ever-changing industry!

Why Professionals Should Know the Proper Beauty Terms

It’s easy to forget some terms once you graduate from school, but it’s crucial for beauty professionals to remember the proper terminology and learn new terms as they appear with the latest trends.

If you don’t know these terms, it could negatively affect your business. That’s why we created this list—so you have easy access to the terminology and can gain a reputation as an authority in your field.

Protect Your Professional Image

First and foremost, using the proper terminology makes you look and sound like a beauty professional. When interacting with potential clients, they’ll know you’re well-versed in your field and trustworthy since you know your stuff. It will give them confidence in your skills as you explain the terms and what they mean.

With new beauty trends and their terms popping in and out on a consistent basis, keeping up with the jargon is essential—no matter how briefly the trends last. By knowing the updates and trends in your industry, you will be ready to answer any questions potential customers bring, and you’ll better understand what product or service a client is requesting when they ask.

Ensure Safety and Legality

Because so many beauty services use chemicals, you must understand what chemicals do and how they could potentially affect a human when used properly versus improperly. As a beauty professional, it’s essential to know how chemicals will affect your clients—whether making their skin smooth or bleaching their hair.

If you’re running your own business, you need to know the legal terms that come with running a business in the beauty industry. By studying the terms, you’ll have a foundational understanding of legal matters to discuss with a lawyer should the need arise.

Knowing How to Explain Things

This might sound backward, but you need to know and understand the terminology to avoid speaking over your clients’ heads. Clients usually don’t use the same terminology as professionals in their daily lives, so if you start throwing jargon at them, they’re going to get left behind.

Communication is key in your business, and knowing the terms and language your client uses to express their needs will make you more effective in your business interactions.

Beauty Glossary for Professionals

We understand it’s impossible to remember everything, so use this glossary as a quick refresher when needed. We’re professionals like you, so you know we’re offering accurate information about safety practices, products, techniques, and so much more.

See if there are any terms you’re unfamiliar with or ones you may know but need more clarity on. You never want to seem like you’re behind the trends!

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