Esthetician Facts

Professional estheticians perform chemical peels and facials, apply eyelash extensions and tinting, remove facial hair, apply makeup, and discuss various skin care techniques with clients. For clients who want healthier skin, consulting with an esthetician allows them to feel and look their best.

Skincare treatments and optimum skin health can happen in a variety of settings. As an esthetician, you may work in a spa or salon. You may also enjoy working with dermatologists and other medical professionals in the health and wellness space. Learn your state’s requirements and benefits to determine if this career path suits you.


By 2032, the number of licensed estheticians in the United States should grow by 9% to meet consumer demand. This rate is consistent with the growth rate of other beauty professions in the wellness industry.

As of 2022, over 45,000 licensed estheticians in the US are already working in this exciting field. Over 95% are women, and the average age in this profession is 34.

According to the BLS, the median salary in 2022 was $38,060 per year. Indeed data indicates that those working in Tennessee and Virginia earn the highest wages.

Working as an Esthetician


Estheticians help people look and feel their best through effective skincare and beauty treatments. Those working in the field often report high satisfaction rates and the opportunity to pursue emotionally fulfilling careers.

Another benefit is the variety. Every client is different, so working as an esthetician means determining individualized treatments, challenging yourself to solve problems, and experiencing all the excitement that comes with the experience.

Esthetics can also serve as an interesting career choice. As advancements in skincare occur, estheticians have the opportunity to learn and grow. Professionals must stay current to understand industry trends and learn new ways to please their clients so they keep coming back.

As an esthetician, you’ll find that increased awareness among people brings additional respect and legitimacy to this work. Physicians now realize the importance of skincare and hire more estheticians to work alongside them. This shift in the healthcare industry can encourage people to learn about options they previously wouldn’t have considered.

How to Become an Esthetician?

Except for Connecticut, every state and jurisdiction has rules requiring estheticians to be licensed. Consult these guidelines before determining where you want to live and work and what education to pursue.

You can work in many settings after securing the proper credentials and thinking seriously about what you want from this new career. Options include spas, salons, resorts, hotels, cruise ships, medical spas, and wellness centers.

Would you prefer a healthcare setting? You might enjoy working with cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists. Although most esthetic services are not medical events, working with doctors and other healthcare providers allows you to offer treatments that complement other procedures in a medical office setting.

Perhaps you’re excited by the idea of owning your own business. Many professional estheticians open their own spas, salons, or wellness clinics. After building a client list, it’s often easier to succeed with an independent facility.

Other experienced estheticians who build solid reputations perform freelance work for clients in the fashion industry, television and movie production companies, or theater spaces. Some even succeed as online influencers, encouraging followers to use or seek out different products and treatments.

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