How to Do a Lash Tint: A Step-by-Step Guide

Eyelash tinting can define your client’s eye area, save time during makeup routines, and empower them to go makeup-free for occasions like beach outings or Zoom calls. It's an incredibly convenient option for those with fair lashes who want to enhance their natural look without mascara.

As you might have guessed, confidence is vital in performing a top-notch lash tint, whether working on a client or your lashes. However, using lash dye involves some nuances. Let us walk you through how to do a lash tint step by step so you can approach the process confidently.

Steps for Performing an Eye Lash Tint

An eyelash tint should take you about 30 minutes to complete. Make sure you wear PPE and use a dye specifically designed for eyelash tinting. Lash dyes contain gentler ingredients than hair dyes, making them safer for use on the delicate lash area. Once you have the right products, follow these steps to perform this straightforward procedure.

1. Choose a tint color that matches your client’s natural hair.

Examine your client’s hair under natural lighting to determine whether it has warm, cool, or neutral undertones. For warm undertones, select a brown or chestnut tint. For cool undertones, use black or deep espresso. If the client's hair is dyed or highlighted, choose a tint that harmonizes with the overall hair color. Also, consider their skin tone and eye color the most flattering choice.

2. Go makeup free

Instruct the client to arrive with a clean, makeup-free face for the lash tint service. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to do another quick wash with a gentle cleanser to eliminate any residual makeup, oil, or products that could interfere with the lifting and tinting process and compromise the results. Make sure the client's eye area is spotless and free of cosmetics.

3. Perform a patch test.

Apply a small amount of the tint to the client’s inner arm. Wait the allotted time, then check for any redness, swelling, or irritation that could indicate an allergic reaction. Proper testing helps you identify potential sensitivities and ensures the client’s safety.

4. Apply Vaseline around the eyebrow.

Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the client’s eyebrow area and lash line using a cotton swab or brush. This protective barrier prevents the lifting and tinting solutions from staining the skin or causing irritation.

5. Mix the tint and apply it to the eyebrow.

Mix the tint according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then, using a tint brush or applicator, carefully apply the tint to the client’s lashes from root to tip, thoroughly coating each lash. Avoid getting any tint on the surrounding skin or in the eyes.

6. Let the tint sit for the recommended time.

Allow the tint to remain on the lashes for whatever time the product instructions recommend. Timing is crucial to achieve your client’s desired lash tint depth and avoid over-processing their lashes, so monitor the time closely.

7. Remove the eyelash tint with a cleanser.

After the recommended processing time, carefully remove the tint from their lashes using a damp or dry cotton swab. Thoroughly wipe away all traces of the tint to prevent any staining. Rinse their eye area with water to ensure no residue remains and instruct your client to wait at least 24 hours before using any cleanser around the lash area.

8. Explain the aftercare process.

Provide the client with clear aftercare instructions. Advise them to avoid getting their lashes wet or using oil-based products for 24 to 48 hours to allow the tint to be set fully. Recommend that they use a lash conditioner and avoid waterproof mascara to maintain the longevity of the lash dye. Explain how long they can expect the effects to last and schedule them for refresher appointments.

Duration & Post-Treatment Considerations

A professional eyelash tint can last up to four to six weeks, but factors like excessive exposure to sunlight or chlorine can affect its longevity. Regular maintenance and conditioning serums can help extend the tint's lifespan. 

Oil-based makeup removers or cleansers can rapidly break down the tint, leading to quicker fading. Tell your client to use gentle, water-based makeup removers around their eye area to preserve the tint. They should also avoid rubbing or scrubbing their eyes. This is one of the reasons why waterproof mascara, which can take some extra effort to remove, is a no-no. Excessive friction can weaken the bond between the tint and the lashes, resulting in faster fading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after a lash tint can I shower?

Try to avoid getting wet until at least 24 hours after your eyebrows and eyelashes have been tinted. The tint requires time to set and adhere properly to the hair, so washing them too soon may ensure the results of your tinting procedure are maintained.

Can you wear mascara after a lash tint?

Technically, you can wear mascara after a lash tint, but the primary goal is eliminating the need for mascara. Consider using eyelash curlers for the lift that mascaras provide without needing nightly removal.

Is lash tint worth it for dark lashes?

Yes, it is. While blonde or lightly colored lashes will see a more prominent difference, darker lashes (black or brunette) can still benefit from a lash tint. Though the change may not be as noticeable, it replaces the need to apply daily mascara.