What Is Eyelash Tinting?

Dark, luscious lashes can make your eyes look more attractive and vibrant. However, not everyone is naturally blessed with such eyelashes. That's where eyelash tinting can come into play. This quick, hassle-free solution can help anyone achieve darker, fuller-looking lashes without the daily fuss of mascara.

If you're a beauty professional, adding eyelash tinting kits to your arsenal could be a real game-changer for your clients. This low-maintenance, time-saving, and natural-looking beauty solution could enhance their features while eliminating the need to apply mascara daily.

Let's explore some common questions about eyelash tinting, including how it works and what benefits it can bring to your clients' beauty regimens.

What Does an Eyelash Tint Do?

Eyelash tinting, sometimes called lash dye or eyelash dyeing, is a semi-permanent solution that enhances the aesthetics of your natural lashes, making them appear darker, fuller, and more striking. It can be a good option for those who want to ditch the daily application of mascara yet still crave the appearance of thicker, more defined eyelashes. 

Eyelash tinting gives the eyes an instant lift without makeup, adhesive, lash extensions, or a lash lift. But unlike semi-permanent mascara, it can't add volume or length. It simply darkens and intensifies the color of your eyelashes. It can dramatically transform the appearance of eyelashes that are naturally light or have faded due to the sun or age.

The Eyelash Tinting Process

The process of lash coloring is relatively straightforward. Here are the general steps for how to do a lash tint:

  1. Clean the lashes. This ensures the lashes are free from makeup, oil, or dirt, permitting the dye to adhere better.
  2. Protect the eyes. Apply petroleum jelly or some other protectant around the client's eyes to prevent any dye from leaking into their eyes. This will minimize any potential irritation.
  3. Apply the lash dye. Carefully apply the lash dye (or eyelash tint) to their lashes using a cotton swab or other applicator tool. Be sure to thoroughly coat each lash from the root to the tip. Then, allow the dye to set for 5 to 10 minutes or whatever length the manufacturer recommends. 
  4. Remove the dye. Once the tint has had time to set, use a wet cotton pad to remove the dye. Don't panic if some of the dye gets onto their skin; wipe it away with another damp cotton pad.

How Long Does Lash Tinting Take?

When tinting a client's lashes, the process will likely take between 20 and 30 minutes. If this is their first appointment with you, more time might be required to allow you to also conduct a patch test.

A half hour should be enough time to clean and prep the eye area, select or mix the appropriate color of the lash dye, and perform the tinting itself. However, the time required for the dye to process can vary slightly depending on the thickness and density of the lashes. More voluminous lashes may need more time to distribute the lash dye adequately.

How Much Does Lash Tinting Cost?

Beauty professionals might charge between $20 and $75 for lash tinting services. The price you set could depend on your experience level, location, cost of the products you use, and other professional fees you may be responsible for. Do some market research to see what other local professionals are charging so you can price your own services competitively.

How Long Does an Eyelash Tint Last?

Generally, the effects of an eyelash tint hold steady for three to six weeks. This encompasses the natural life cycle of eyelashes. As old ones fall out, new lashes grow and must be tinted.

It's worth noting that the duration of an eyelash tint largely hinges on your client's individual lifestyle choices and the cycle of their natural lash growth. Another factor is how well the individual cares for their lashes. Activities like swimming, excessive exposure to the sun, or using oil-based skincare products can diminish the effectiveness of the tint sooner.

Does Lash Tinting Hurt?

When a skilled professional performs lash tinting, it's a pleasant, painless procedure. But just like any beauty treatment, the experience might vary. Some may feel a slight sting, especially if the tint reaches the sensitive areas of the eye. However, the sensation will be short-lived and subside once the procedure concludes.

Is Eyelash Tinting Safe?

Clients who receive lash salon services in a professional environment should be as safe as possible. Beauty professionals wear PPE (personal protective equipment) to keep everyone safe and use approved products to minimize irritation or allergic reaction risks.

However, like with other cosmetic procedures, eyelash tinting comes with risks. The area around the eyes is sensitive, and reactions can differ from person to person. One way to mitigate these potential risks is to perform a patch test beforehand. A patch test will reveal whether your client has any skin sensitivities to the tinting solution. If that's the case, stop the treatment immediately.

How Do You Make a Lash Tint Last Longer?

To make your client's eyelash tint last longer, share with them the following tips:

  • Avoid oil-based products: Oil-based makeup removers, cleansers, and skincare products can quickly break down the tint. Opt for oil-free or water-based alternatives to preserve the tint's longevity.
  • Limit exposure to water: Minimize exposure to water, especially in the first 24 to 48 hours after tinting, as water can weaken the bond between the tint and your lashes. Avoid swimming, excessive sweating, or steamy environments during this time.
  • Use gentle cleansers: Choose gentle, non-abrasive cleansers specifically formulated for your eye area. Avoid vigorously rubbing or scrubbing your eyes, which can cause the tint to fade faster.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing: Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes excessively, as this can prematurely wear away the tint. Be mindful of habits like rubbing your eyes when tired or harshly removing makeup.
  • Protect your lashes from sunlight: Protect your eyes from direct sunlight and UV exposure, as sunlight can cause the tint to quickly fade. Consider wearing sunglasses or using hats to protect your eyes when outdoors.
  • Use lash conditioning serums: Incorporate lash conditioning serums into your daily skincare routine to promote lash health and nourishment. Intense, healthy lashes can hold the tint better and maintain the color intensity for longer.

Is a Lash Tint Worth It?

For clients seeking a more lasting solution than daily mascara application, lash tinting presents an economical alternative and possible long-term savings. Mascara products, particularly high-quality ones, are expensive. In comparison, lash tinting requires less frequent upkeep since the average eyelash tint lasts around a month.


All in all, eyelash tinting can be a painless, semi-permanent solution to achieving darker, fuller, more striking lashes. That said, it's a personal decision whether an eyelash tint is worth the investment when you weigh its longevity, the minimal upkeep required, and the potential risks.