Client Questions: What Happens If I Get My Brows Wet After Lamination?

When you give your clients a brow lamination, send them off with helpful aftercare tips and recommendations so they get the best results. You want them to look and feel great until their next scheduled appointment. Your clients might want to know, “What happens if I get my brows wet after lamination?” 

Continue reading for the answer to that and other important client questions.

Getting Laminated Eyebrows Wet

Your clients will love their brow lamination and how it helps keep their eyebrows in place. They’ll look healthy and well-groomed. To ensure a long-lasting effect, clients should keep their brows dry for at least 24 to 48 hours after the lamination service. 

What happens if the brows get wet after lamination? It depends on the type of product you used during the lamination process. 

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Do you use semi-permanent products? Most semi-permanent systems will begin breaking down if they get wet. This breakdown results in a softer eyebrow that returns to its natural look more quickly. It’s best to avoid contact with water immediately following a brow lamination.

Advise clients to avoid using any products with alcohol or oil-based ingredients. Their eyebrow lamination or skin might become irritated or damaged as a result. 

Other Client Questions

When clients get their brows laminated, they’ll have concerns about ways to keep this polished, defined look for as long as possible. Helping them understand the proper care for their brows is essential. 

Here are some aftercare questions your client may ask.

“When can I wash my face again?” 

Since avoiding water is recommended, your clients should wait until after the first 48 hours to wash their brows. After the initial waiting period, your clients can gently wash their eyebrows. Encourage them to use a mild cleanser and avoid rubbing and scrubbing them. 

“Why can’t I touch or rub my brows after a brow lamination?”

It’s not easy to remember to keep one’s hands off the face. Still, it’s best to inform clients that they don’t want oil from their fingers to get on their eyebrows. Natural oils clog pores and lead to acne or skin irritations. Some eyebrow technicians tell clients to wear gloves until they get used to not touching or rubbing their faces.

“Why are heat and humidity bad for my eyebrows after lamination?”

Like many other services where a solution is applied on or near the skin you should advise clients to avoid heat for the first 48 hours as sun exposure could cause redness or irritation in the area where the processing solution was applied. Humidity, unfortunately, is unavoidable for some stylists and clients, however is not necessarily bad and will not affect the longevity of the brow lamination. Humid air may just cause the brows to become unruly and need an aftercare product such as our Brow and Lash InTOXXification to guide them back into their laminated position.

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“How can I shower?” 

Some routines we can’t do without, and keeping ourselves clean is one of them. With some precaution, your clients can certainly shower and clean themselves after a lamination. 

Clients must keep the area around their brows dry for at least 48 hours. That’s why they must turn their face away from the shower stream. They should also use a mild cleanser with their fingertips gently rubbing the area around their brows.

If clients must wash their hair, tell them to tie it in the back, away from their face, if possible. The shampoo, conditioner, and any other products should be gentle. Afterwards, tell clients to gently pat their face dry with a soft towel upon leaving the shower. 

“What happens if I wear makeup after a brow lamination?”

Your clients should choose a makeup-free look for at least 24 hours after getting their brows done. A natural look will give their eyebrows a chance to breathe. Makeup can clog pores, and their skin will be sensitive until it can recover from the lamination.

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