Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Aftercare Do's and Don'ts

You’ve finished giving your client a beautiful lift lash or brow lamination, now it’s time to make sure your client performs the correct aftercare to keep their lashes and brows lifted and healthy. Aftercare is a crucial step after a treatment to the lash or brow hairs! As the service provider, you want to ensure your client is familiar with the proper aftercare and what to avoid after a lash lift or brow lamination. 

Aftercare entails a few different steps that should be taken after receiving a lash or brow treatment. These few steps can seem overwhelming for your client at first, to ensure your client is comfortable when leaving, it is very important to walk them through the proper steps after their treatment. Emphasize to your client how important aftercare is in order to keep the quality of their lash lift or brow lamination for as long as possible. 

Aftercare DON'Ts

There are few things that your client should avoid after a treatment that you will want to make sure they fully understand. In order to achieve a long lasting Lash or Brow Bomb treatment, it is imperative that your client steers clear of these actions for the first 24 hours after the treatment. The most important thing you will want to share with your client is they need to avoid water for the first 24 hours post treatment, this includes showering, swimming, sitting in a sauna, etc. When water comes in contact with the cuticle of the hair before it has fully closed, the lift will begin to relax or cause long term damage. It is also important to make sure your client knows they shouldn’t be rubbing their eyes, sleeping face down, or wearing eye makeup for the first 24 hours. 

Even though this may seem a bit extensive to your client, reassure them that it is only for 24 hours and  it is in their best interest to make sure that their lash or brow treatment isn’t jeopardized in any way. 

Aftercare DO’s

Now that we have the don'ts out of the way, it’s time to share with your clients the important things they should be doing after their lift or lamination. It is important that the previously processed hairs receive the proper moisture and nutrients they need to remain healthy between treatments. All this requires your client to do is apply a lash conditioner once daily. 

Two aftercare products you can recommend to your client are 100% Natural Castor Oil. or Brow & Lash Toxx, both of these products are very effective in restoring your client’s lashes and brows if they become brittle or dry. Running a comb through the lashes or brows daily is just as important as combing through your hair everyday. We recommend sending your client home with the Lash Bomb - Step 3 used during their treatment and a mascara wand if they do not want to purchase an additional aftercare serum. Your client can use the Step 3 Sachet and disposable wand to brush the moisturizing solution in an upwards motion through the treated hairs.

What if My Client Doesn’t Follow the Aftercare?

On the off chance that your client doesn’t follow the proper aftercare steps, their lash lift or brow lamination could drop, potentially change direction, or cause damage to the hairs. It can take up to 24 to 48 hours for the cuticle of the processed hair to close, so if your client disregards these few pieces of instruction, they are putting the hairs at risk to change. If this were to happen, you should let your client know that they need to let their lashes and or brows rest for at least 6 to 8 weeks, before they come back for another treatment.