Brow & Lash Lift Certification Online Courses: Become a Professional

Whether you are currently a lash and brow artist or looking to become one, we have got you covered! Get educated with BOMB Duo and Brow Bomb, and we promise you will walk away from our training course with the newest skills to perfect your Lash Lifts and Brow Laminations! Also included in your BOMB Duo and Brow Bomb training is a student manual that is yours to keep to refer back to at any point!  

What is Lash and Brow Bomb? 

Before jumping in and learning Lash Lifting and Brow Lamination, it is essential that you first understand what it is and entails. Lash and Brow Bomb are innovative products beauty professionals use to perform Lash Lifting and Brow Lamination on their clientele. Our Lash and Brow products are paraben and latex-free for those who may have allergies!  Lash and Brow Bomb is also proud to be cruelty-free and vegan!  

Why Get Educated? 

Now that you have a rough idea of the services you will be able to perform, you’re probably wondering what benefits come along with learning Lash and Brow Bomb. We could give you a list of different reasons to get educated, but the top bonus is that you can now add these new services to your menu. Of course, you probably already have plenty of treatments on your menu, but also adding Lash and Brow Bomb to your menu can help bring more clients to you, as these services are becoming wildly popular in the United States. By adding Lash and Brow Bomb to your menu, you could ultimately get up to your income every month. 

Switch to BOMB Duo and Brow Bomb 

Are you already certified with another brand? No problem! If you’re already a lash and brow artist that performs these services, you can easily convert to BOMB Duo Lash Lift and Brow Bomb Brow Lamination with our Conversion Courses. Our Conversion Course will offer you all of the knowledge you’ll need to be at the top of your game! 


Still not sure BOMB Duo and Brow Bomb is right for you? That’s okay! If you’re still a bit conflicted on getting educated on BOMB Duo and Brow Bomb, our Lash and Brow Trial Pack is the perfect way to get started as a lash and brow professional before fully committing. Our trial pack comes with all the necessary tools you’ll need to learn and know if BOMB Duo and Brow Bomb is right for you!