Lash Lift Rods Vs. Lash Lift Shields

With lash shields recently making an appearance on the market and starting to become more popular, many lash technicians are asking the question: are rods or shields better for me to use?

Well, there is a trick answer to this question, and it might surprise you. The answer is both! While both lash rods and lash shields offer some unique benefits, neither one is better than the other.

The best choice for which one you should use in your treatments is ultimately going to be based on each individual client’s needs. You have to consider the length of your client’s lashes, the shape of their eyes, and the final result the client wants to see from their eyelash lift treatment! 


Lash Lift Rods 

Lash rods are the classic option for every lash artist and a staple in their kit. Most artists are trained with lash rods, which makes them the standard and a go-to choice! They provide a more progressive lift from the base of the lash and show a more natural lift with the added option of a dramatic curl. Lash rods will also allow you to achieve a C-curl. 

Do you need help with how to place a lash lift rod? We have a super easy and quick video on our Youtube page, check it out here: (150) Placing a Rod || Beautiful Brows And Lashes || Lash Lift Store - YouTube 


Lash Lift Shields  

Now that lash shields are becoming a much more well-known option within the lash industry, the added choice is leaving technicians a little confused on which one of these options to use for their business! Lash shields offer a larger working space and will give your client an L-curl rather than a C-curl.

The lash style of shields will also differ from a typical lash rod by bringing the lashes up and away from the client’s brow bone. This makes shields a great option for any clients who have deep-set eyes, hooded eyes, or short lashes. You can see how to trim a lash shield here: (150) Trimming A Shield || Beautiful Brows & Lashes || Lash Lift Store - YouTube 


So, Which Should You Use For Your Clients? 

Knowing all of this info we highly recommend having both lash lift rods and lash lift shields in your kit. This will allow you to achieve the best result for each and every individual client’s lash treatment needs and help get the most out of the lash lift cost.

Although there are quite a few distinct differences between lash rods and lash shields, they both come in a variety of sizes so that you can make sure that you’re getting the perfect lift and curl for every unique eye. They will also both always allow you to make sure the lash measures halfway up the rod or the shield. Make sure to recommend a lash tint with every lash lift treatment to enhance the results and create a more complete look! 

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