Hybrid Liquid Brow Stain


3D Effect Hybrid Liquid Brow Stain 

Transform eyebrows with BB's henna-free Hybrid Stain, giving the illusion of fuller, thicker brows while creating a 3D effect on the skin! 

Beautiful Brows and Lashes Hybrid Brow Stains come in 9 beautiful colors, these colors are mixable to create an infinite range of flawlessly matched brow shades. This allows you to tailor the color to each client’s individual hair and skin tone, ensuring a seamless finish every time. With ingredients like naturally filtered Himalayan water and Indian gooseberry, the BB Hybrid Brow Stain is rich in antioxidants, essential oils and minerals that nourish the hair. BB believes that beauty shouldn’t come with consequences, which is why all our ingredients are henna-free and 100% safe. 

The BB Hybrid Brow Stain is 100% henna-free and can be used immediately after a lamination treatment. 

Introducing the colors 

Ash Blonde- This color is great for those dirty blonde clients as well as those trying to embrace or hide the grays!

Light Blonde- This color is best for light haired clients that don’t want a lot of color but still want more depth to their brows! 

Light Chestnut Brown- This color is a delicate brown with subtle red undertones. Great for those strawberry blonde clients! 

Light Brown- A true, light brown. A universal shade for subtle, luminosity and enhanced definition!

Chestnut Brown- This color is a warmer brown with a red undertone. Perfect for clients with lighter yet warm tones!

Reddish Brown- Our most asked for tone! This color is perfect for those true red headed clients who are not afraid of some depth to their eyebrows!

Medium Brown- This is a versatile color that is best suited for those looking for a more neutral brown color!

Dark Brown- This is our darkest brown color. Great for those looking for a rich, deep, brown color!

Black- This color is a great additive to any of our warmer colors to neutralize as well as adding depth. This color can be used on lashes as well! 


  • 100% henna-free 
  • Naturally occurring ingredients 
  • Stains the brow hair
  • Creates a 3D effect on the skin
  • Lasts for up to 10 to 14 days
  • 9 colors, mixable to create precise new shades 

This product must be used with our NEW! BB Hybrid Stain Developer


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