Eyebrow Stencil Sticker - 6 Piece


Introducing our Eyebrow Stencil Stickers, designed to revolutionize your airbrushing experience!

Our stickers come in three different arc styles, catering to a variety of eyebrow shapes. Choose the style that best matches your client's natural brow arc for a seamless, customized look.

Made for single-use, these stickers offer unparalleled convenience and hygiene. Simply peel and apply, saving you time and effort during each session. Crafted from high-quality, skin-friendly materials, they provide stability and comfort throughout the procedure. Prevent uneven eyebrows and ensure perfect alignment with our easy-to-use stickers. 

  • 3 different styles 
  • 6 Stencils Included (2 of each style) 
  • Easy application and removal

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