Brow Lamination Beginners Kit


Are you new to the world of brow laminations and wondering what supplies is needed to perform this fabulous beauty treatment? Well, we have created a kit specifically for you! Our beginners brow lamination kit includes our Brow Lam Lite formula that takes place of the original Bomb DUO Step 1. This formula is ideal for those learning brow lamination or for your sensitive clients! Get your kit and get started today!

  • 10 Brow Lam Lite Sachets
  • 10 Neutralizing Cream Sachets
  • 10 Moisturising Serum Sachets
  • 1 Pro Bonder
  • 10 Y Tool Applicators 
  • 25 White Glue Rings
  • 50x Mini Mascara Wand Applicators

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