Beautiful Brows Duo - COMPLETE Eyebrow Kits - 5 Pieces


Our Beautiful Brows DUO Eyebrow Kit contains the essential tools to help you create and maintain perfectly-shaped, beautiful brows in seconds. Our professional semi-permanent powders, which are lovingly made in the UK are highly pigmented.

5 Pieces Included in your Order - Professional Account Required

Wholesale $25 : Retail $50 If you currently have an account and would like to mix your 5 colors, you can notify us via email to personalize your 5 pack. 

Each compact includes

  • Duo powder in 3 color options
  • 6 pcs stencils/templates
  • Professional brow brush
  • Duo Highlighter shimmer/matte
  • Highlighter brush
  • Professional grade tweezers with comb
Our powders are mineral powders, which means they work with your hair color and skin tone to create the perfect color for you.

Light Brown/Medium Brown
This color will give you a soft brown brow. It is good for blondes, strawberry blondes and those with light brown hair. It works best with fair/light skin tones. 

Dark Brown/Chocolate Brown
This color will give you a dark brown brow. It is good for brunettes, darker red heads and those with a medium/olive skin tone.
This color is best for people with silver or black hair and also works for a range of skin tones depending on your desired look. This powder is very pigmented so you will only need very little powder to create a soft, natural look.


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