What happens during a lifting treatment?

 Want to know what happens during an eyelash lifting procedure? While the full process can be learned during the BOMB Duo Lash Lifting training course, here’s an insight into the steps involved. 

 Once the eyelash area is cleaned, prepared, and protected, the three main stages can begin.

1.    Lifting stage: This is where the lifting cream is applied to the lashes which have been glued in position to the eyelash shield. Processing times vary depending on the health of the existing lashes. The solution is then removed using a micro-applicator.

2.    Neutralizing and tinting: Neutralizing lotion is applied to the eyelash hairs where any lifting solution was present. This is also the step at which tint can be applied once the neutralizing lotion is removed (again, with a micro-applicator).

3.    Moisturizer: A moisturizing serum is always applied at the final stage. This will gently release lashes from the adhesive on the shield. It also helps to nourish lashes before they are combed upwards with a clean mascara wand.

You can download documents such as our BOMB Duo Lash Lifting material data safety sheet and patch test protocol from our online store.


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