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Are you a salon owner or beauty professional in the United States? Then you’ll love our comprehensive range of products to create stunning lashes. So, if you’ve been searching for an eyelash perm kit with a difference, switch to the BOMB Duo Lash Lifting and Brow Lamination System.

In our fantastic product selection, we aim to help you build a successful business that has lots of returning clients. We hope you find the products we supply to offer you something many others can’t.

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·     KITS: We have several bundles available, so the kit you choose will depend on your needs, including full starter packs and mini packs. Always check out the product information for each kit (just click on the items you like) as it will tell you what’s included in your kit, from eyelash separators and glues to setting and neutralizing solutions.


·     SACHETS: Each step of the process (lifting, neutralizing, and moisturizing) comes in a box of 10 sachets for multiple uses, helping you to get more from each product than many other eyelash brands offer. Each step of the process is clearly labeled on the boxes and sachets, and you can even use these for other treatments such as a Brow lamination. When you’re running low on stock, top-up on all three steps by buying boxes as a bundle to save money or as individual boxes.


·     ADHESIVE FOR LASHES: Beautiful Brows and Lashes has created a pro bonding adhesive that works perfectly with the BOMB Duo. It’s clear in color, free of toxic chemicals, and dissolves when you add water. This makes it easier to remove anything you have used the adhesive for on your clients’ skin, such as keeping lift pads in place.


·     SHIELD PACKS: We have shields in all sizes, depending on the results you want to produce for your clients’ lashes. Small sizes create the most dramatic look, medium shields achieve a subtle curl, and large sizes give the most natural appearance for the lashes. Save time by trimming the shields to the shape you want to fit each client’s eyes. We supply individual shield boxes, as well as those that come in packs of all sizes.


·     BRUSHES AND APPLICATORS: Save time when lifting lashes by ensuring you have all the tools you need at hand. Our high-quality eyelash brushes are made with the highest quality materials to get beautiful results, whether you need an angled cleaning brush for a precise finish, tint applicators, or a brush with a comb. 


·     LASH SEPARATORS: The best techniques can only be used if you have the right tools at hand for the job, so no technician would be without their trusty eyelash separator. This tool helps position lashes correctly and ensures they don’t clump together. It has an easy to hold handle and is made from the best materials, such as stainless steel.


·     AFTERCARE SERUM: Want your clients to get the best results? The Duo Brow & Lash InTOXXification aftercare serum provides lashes with a lot of nourishment after the treatment, so you can upsell this product in your salon. It even contains beneficial ingredients such as aloe vera and marshmallow extracts. The product has been created with ease of use in mind, allowing you to apply the exact amount of serum to the lashes.


·     100% NATURAL CASTOR OIL: If any of your clients are looking for products that help to improve the health of their lashes and brows, not only do we supply hair growth serums but also a 100% natural castor oil. It promotes hair growth from the root, improves the health of hair, and creates added shine.


·     TINTING PACKS AND DYES: We have an extensive range of brow henna tint products for you to get your hands on, whether you need to top up individual dyes, or you’d like to try full packs.


·     TINT REMOVER: If you plan to provide tint treatments, make sure you have enough tint remover to help you get rid of excess dye on the skin. We supply this in generous bottles to give you great value for money.


·     TINT CREAM DEVELOPER: Make sure your tints are activated with a cream developer before you use them.


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