Professional Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

When clients use your services, many will also want their brows and lashes tinted at the same time. Eyelash and eyebrow lift and tint is a highly popular choice to provide the lashes and brows with color, as well as length. Because the dye can be used as one of the lifting treatment steps, you can create a more profitable treatment that gives your clients even better results.

So what Lash Lift Kit and Tint Kit is best? Well, if you want a tint kit that’s easy to use and produces defined looks like no other, Beautiful Brows and Lashes also provides a fantastic set of dyes as part of their Professional Eyebrow Tinting product line (as supplied at the LashLift Store). Next time you’re topping up your supplies, add a tinting kit to your cart to save time and money.


Colors include:


-      Natural Tint Color: Lacking visible eyelashes? Choose natural tint for clients with red or blonde hair.

-      Middle Brown Tint Color: This hue is perfect for clients with ash or dark blonde hair who hope for a deeper color in their eyelashes that remains natural looking.

-      Brown Tint Color: This color is ideal for clients with brunette hair who want their eyes to be more accentuated.

-      Blue-Black Tint Color: This is one of the most popular shades, helping eyes to really pop.

-      Deep Black Tint Color: This shade is the truest natural black, producing striking looks.


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