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Are you on the search for more information about tinted eyebrows? An excellent place to start is finding out more about what an eyebrow tint is. Essentially, a brow tint is a semi-permanent colored dye. Each dye is specially formulated for use on delicate areas such as brow hairs, and many professional products double up as lash tints. Each brow tint is gentle on the skin, but a cosmetologist or brow technician will use a tint remover to eliminate excess dye during the treatment.

The purpose isn’t to fill out sparse areas, but they make the natural brows look more defined. In turn, this creates the illusion of denser brow hairs. 

We’re committed to offering professional brow artists the best products in the industry, so you’ll find lots of accessories, tools, and tint for eyebrows available in our online store.


Yes – eyebrow tinting produces excellent, long-lasting results if it’s carried out by a trained professional. Clients should never attempt to dye their brows at home. Using a licensed brow technician ensures the tinting of eyebrows is carried out safely and effectively, using the best techniques.


There are many advantages of eyebrow tinting, and here are just a few to let your clients know about. Many salon professionals even like to promote these benefits as part of their marketing materials. This could help you to up-sell other services when clients come in for another treatment.

Non-invasive treatment
The tint is smoothed over the eyebrows using an applicator brush and eyebrow hair comb. It doesn't involve scratching the skin layers like other treatments do (e.g. microblading).

Natural-looking results
The eyebrow dyes simply enhance what’s there, giving more definition, visibility, and color to the arches. This is reassuring for anyone who is nervous about this type of eyebrow coloring.

Gentle formulas
Brow tint is created for use on delicate eyebrow hairs, protecting the skin from harsh chemicals found in ordinary hair dye. 

Ditch eyebrow make-up
If you have clients who spend a fortune on eyebrow pencils, recommend tinting as a great alternative to save them time each day.

The treatment is rapid, so you can fit more clients into your salon schedule, and clients will love the fast results.

Color range
Our kits have a selection of stunning colors available so that you can match them to each client’s hair shade and skin tone, tailoring the treatment to their needs.

Combine with brow lamination
Do your clients want fuller-looking, even, and beautifully shaped brows? Combine your eyebrow tinting services with a brow lamination treatment.

Buy professional brow tint kits
Would you like the best start when offering this new treatment in your salon? Make sure you top up your supplies with our fantastic eyebrow tinting kits containing various products.


Eyebrow tinting may seem like an easy process, but it should only be carried out by a licensed professional who has an official certification in this treatment. Those who try to carry out the procedure at home could get eyebrow tint in their eyes or on their skin, not to mention getting less than perfect results.

When you complete your brow tint training, some of the following steps should be covered by the course material.

  • Eyebrow tints are a type of hair dye, so you should still find a patch test is always required. It should be carried out a minimum of 24 to 48 hours before using the brow tint. It tests for any allergies or sensitivity to the selected tint. The client and technician can then search and check the area to ensure no redness, itching, or swelling has occurred on the skin.
  • A consultation is completed to assess the client’s existing brow hair, talk about what they’d like their eyebrows to look like, and find the right brow tint color.
  • Before the treatment begins, both the client and the eyebrow tint are prepared. This involves using a cream developer to activate the tint and prepping the eyebrow hair and skin, removing all make-up traces. A moisture barrier is created around the eyebrows with Vaseline or petroleum jelly. 
  • During the eyebrow procedure, the dye is delicately applied to the brows with a tint brush, combing through for an even look. The technician will search for any spots missed, ensuring the natural hair is fully coated. A tint remover gets rid of excess dye once the tint is left for the right amount of time.



On average, you should find eyebrow tints last for about 3 to 6 weeks in total. After this time, clients can return to your salon for a top-up tint. You may find that experienced clients may even know how long eyebrow tints last for them already, so they will ask you to find a slot to book their next treatment at the original session.

The dye’s visibility can start to fade for many reasons, so how long brow dyes last will vary from person to person. Those who experience longer-lasting results often have healthier natural brow hairs and ensure their eyebrows remain well-conditioned.

To make sure the tint effects last for as long as possible, empower your clients to look after their brows, implementing all the aftercare advised by experts. This usually covers actions in the first 24 to 48 hours post-treatment, including avoiding eyebrow make-up, touching the brows, and hot environments, such as sunbeds.


There are many big-name brow tint brands to choose from, but at the Lash Lift Store, we supply those from Beautiful Brows and Lashes. 

  • They use quality ingredients for reliable results.
  • The dyes are easy to apply, gliding through the eyebrows.
  • Their prices are excellent, helping salons provide cost-efficient services.
  • Get five stunning shades.
  • Many pros find an instant difference in quality.
  • Get full packs, individual dyes, and tinting kits.
  • Tints can be used on both lashes and brows.


There are several different shades to pick from when you choose products from Beautiful Brows and Lashes, depending on the desired results. We supply these renowned dyes for their high-quality formulas and the beautiful looks produced. The dyes come in different tubes with each shade clearly marked so that you won’t mix them up in your professional kit. 

This collection has five different shades to choose from, and you can buy these as separate tubes or as part of a tinting kit.

Natural brown
Do you have clients who would love their brows to be more visible? For those with fair hair tones, this natural color is ideal. It creates higher visibility without being over the top. Choose this dye for light blondes and redheads, giving them the extra definition they’d like for their eyebrows.

Mid brown
For blonde hair that’s ashy, you may want to try a slightly darker tint with this mid-brown dye. It subtly adds further definition without going too dark for their natural hair color.

This tint is the darkest brown shade, so it’s perfect for brunettes looking for a deeper color to bring out their eyes and brows. This color can help to really define the arches.

This is one of the most popular shades for brows and lashes, so you may find yourself topping it up more than some of the other colors. It’s ideal for adding luster and shine, creating a unique look.

Deep black
Are you on the search for the deepest black tint? Our deep black dye is ideal for darker natural hair tones, such as deep brown and black, creating the most defined brows possible.


You can stop the search if you’ve been trying to find the best eyebrow tints. Please take a look through our online lash and brow tint store to find supplies that will take your services to the next level. 

Single dyes
Buy an individual dye when stocks run low. These intensive colors are available in five different shades. All dyes come in 20ml tubes, made in the UK using the finest quality ingredients.

Full tinting color packs
Get all five shades within one pack. It’s ideal if you’re buying Beautiful Brows and Lashes products for the first time, or all your stocks need topping up. Make sure you have every tint in your kit to give clients a look they want. 

Mini tint packs
If you would like to start with a single color, why not buy our mini tint packs? All you need to do is pick the shade you want, and it will be sent in a mini pack along with a tint brush for applying the dye, a developer to activate the color, and a dappen tint for mixing.

Cream developer
No tint kit should be without a high-quality, professional cream developer. This product is added in drops to the tint to create a consistency that can be easily spread across the brows for an even finish.

Brow tint remover
Once the dye has set for the suitable amount of time on the client’s brows, you’ll need to remove the excess, including any product left on the skin. Beautiful Brows and Lashes have developed a gentle yet effective tint remover to help you do this safely. It even contains beneficial natural ingredients such as extracts of willow bark and aloe vera.

Cleaning brush
The brushes we supply are soft and gentle on the eyes and skin. Use our cleaning brush to get a more precise finish, angled perfectly for use on the brows.

Pro tinting brushes
Stock up on tinting brushes with our lightweight products. They’ve been designed with brow artists in mind, so the soft bristles glide smoothly where you need them to go. This brush can be used on both brows and lashes.

Brow definer brush
This angled brush has a fine point and firmer bristles to help with precision, helping you apply the tint around more detailed areas such as the arches. 

Brow comb
Get your hands on our brush and comb in a single tool. It’s comfortable to hold, helping you maneuver the tint where you need it to go as you comb the tint through the brows. Sanitize the tool to reuse it on other clients.

Eye cover
Help clients to relax while protecting their eyes with our range of eye covers. They’re highly comfortable and aid technicians in promoting safe practices.