Lash Perm Kits

If you want to achieve long, natural lashes, buy the modern twist on lash perm kits. A lash lift kit is easy to use from the first time you open it, but professionals need a product that’s going to help them take lashes to the next level.

At the Lash Lift Store, we stock the Lash Bomb by Beautiful Brows and Lashes. It’s the ideal alternative to the traditional eyelash perm, creating beautiful, long-lasting results without the need for extensions.

Please take a look at our extensive product line for beauty professionals.

 What is the best eyelash perm kit?

The beauty world moves fast, with new and innovative ways to get the desired results coming to the masses. The eyelash perm was once a highly sought-after treatment, but this term is now a little outdated. If you ask any beauty professional, the best outcomes are achieved via an eyelash lift kit. 

In an eyelash lifting kit, there’s still a perm lotion included to help create long eyelashes, but the secret to the success of lash lifts lies in the techniques used to create a defined curl. 

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