If you want to achieve long, natural lashes, buy the modern twist on lash perm kits. A lash lift kit is easy to use from the first time you open it, but professionals need a product that’s going to help them take lashes to the next level. 

At the Lash Lift Store, we stock the Lash Bomb by Beautiful Brows and Lashes. It’s the ideal alternative to the traditional eyelash perm, creating beautiful, long-lasting results without the need for extensions.

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The beauty world moves fast, with new and innovative ways to get the desired results coming to the masses. The eyelash perm was once a highly sought-after treatment, but this term is now a little outdated. If you ask any beauty professional, the best outcomes are achieved via an eyelash lift kit. 

In an eyelash lifting kit, there’s still a perm lotion included to help create long eyelashes, but the secret to the success of lash lifts lies in the techniques used to create a defined curl. 


Want to know the difference between an eyelash perm kit and lifting kit? Find out more below.

When using an eyelash perm kit, a cylindrical rod is used to wind hairs around it before the perming solution is applied to help eyelashes keep their new shape. This treatment was ideal for those with longer eyelashes that could afford to be shortened in length to create the desired curl. However, this wasn't a viable option for those with medium and shorter length eyelashes.

Luckily, eyelash lifts are suitable for everyone thanks to the innovative method used to lift the eyelashes from the root, opening up the eyes. It produces a semi-permanent curl to make sure the natural eyelashes appear longer. Clients love the fact they wake up every morning with long lashes and can save time by going without extensions.

Both treatments take a similar length of time to work but lifts often last longer thanks to the quality of the kit used and the advanced techniques applied. Lifts usually last for up to 8 weeks if you use a good kit from a well-known brand.


Eyelash perms and lifts use similar products, but as we’ve explained, the techniques differ. With any type of perm, the chemicals included could cause damage if not used properly, so here are some top tips to make sure eyelashes remain healthy.

  • Always buy an perm kit from a reputable company that uses trusted brands.
  • Never use a perm kit unless you have been professionally trained to do so.
  • Pick a product that uses high-quality ingredients that condition the eyelashes.
  • If you’re not a qualified beauty technician, always use the services of someone who is licensed to perform this procedure. Be aware that the rules for different areas of the United States will vary in who can perform the treatment (e.g., a cosmetologist).
  • Make sure you follow all aftercare advice to look after your eyelashes.
  • Take extra care of your eyelashes’ health if having a tint treatment.
  • Use a daily eyelash moisturizer recommended by your salon.


If you’re searching for a perm kit or lifting kit that’s safe to use, here’s some key advice.

  • Always check out the online reviews from both clients and beauty professionals when investing in a new kit.
  • First-time clients may require a patch test 24 hours before, depending on manufacturer instructions, especially if they’re combining the treatment with a tint for their eyelashes.
  • Never try to save money by buying the cheapest kit without doing your research first – there could be a reason the price is low. For example, the kit may not include as many products as others do, or the sachets are smaller.
  • Only those qualified in the professional techniques used should use an eyelash perm kit. They’ll have the training required to protect eyes and skin during the treatment, including the use of under-eye lift pads.
  • Don’t attempt a lift or perm at home if you’re not qualified to carry out the procedure. The safest techniques and best results occur when you have your eyes closed and lay back, helping a professional get into the best position to work on your eyelashes.

Want to save time? We would highly recommend using products from Beautiful Brows and Lashes. Their Lash Bomb kit is one of the best we’ve used in the United States, combining high-quality ingredients, easy to use tools and sachets, and an affordable kit that helps your services remain profitable.

Their products are used by professionals all over the United States and around the world, renowned for producing long-lasting results that clients come back time and time again for. They also put an emphasis on long-term eyelash health with all their solutions containing ingredients that aim to nourish eyelashes and even encourage healthier regrowth.


When clients use your services, many will also want their eyelashes tinted at the same time. This is a highly popular choice to provide the lashes with color, as well as length. Because the dye can be used as one of the lifting treatment steps, you can create a more profitable treatment that gives your clients even better results.

So what tint kit is best? Well, if you want a tint kit that’s easy to use and produces defined looks like no other, Beautiful Brows and Lashes also provides a fantastic set of dyes as part of their product line (as supplied at the Lash Lift Store). Next time you’re topping up your supplies, add a tinting kit to your cart to save time and money.

Colors include:

Natural tint color
Lacking visible eyelashes? Choose natural tint for clients with red or blonde hair.

Mid brown tint color
This hue is perfect for clients with ash or dark blonde hair who hope for a deeper color in their eyelashes that remains natural looking.

Brown tint color
This color is ideal for clients with brunette hair who want their eyes to be more accentuated.

Blue-black tint color
This is one of the most popular shades, helping eyes to really pop.

Deep black tint color
This shade is the truest natural black, producing striking looks.

Professional lash artists always provide a consultation to decide on the best shade to suit each client’s needs. For many clients, this will involve finding a shade that enhances their natural eyelashes, with fairer hair colors going for more natural tones and those with darker hair choosing deeper tones. 

However, this isn’t a rule for all. Many blondes and redheads use mascara in the darkest of shades, loving big and beautiful eyelashes. The right color will depend on their tastes, whether they want a natural look or something bolder.



After a treatment such as an eyelash lift and tint, it can be tempting for clients to think the work is done. However, they need to have all the facts to help them maintain their gorgeous new look once they’re at home. The first 24 to 48 hours post-treatment is the most critical time, so actions must be taken to ensure the eyelashes don’t drop. If they follow these tips, the longevity of the results will be much improved.

For at least 24 to 48 hours:

  • Don’t receive any other eyelash or eye treatments.
  • Try not to wear any eye makeup or touch the area.
  • Stop yourself from rubbing your eyes.
  • Sleep on your back if possible, to avoid the lashes getting squashed.
  • Don’t get the lashes wet, including in the shower.
  • Avoid hot and humid conditions such a steamy shower rooms, saunas, or sunbeds.
  • If possible, go without contact lenses.

You can also use an eyelash conditioner if it’s recommended with the kit you used, and you can comb lashes upwards using a clean mascara wand.

If you experience any issues such as itching or swollen areas, try applying a cold and damp cotton pad. However, keep an eye on whether it gets worse and seek medical advice or assistance if you’re worried. Any reactions to the treatment should be reported to the salon or beauty technician you hired so that they can make a note on your beauty record for the next time you want a similar treatment. This can save any future episodes from occurring if they have the right history available to them.



Want to know what happens during an eyelash lifting procedure? While the full process can be learned during the Lash Bomb training course, here’s an insight into the steps involved. 

Once the eyelash area is cleaned, prepared, and protected, the three main stages can begin.

1. Lifting stage
This is where the lifting cream is applied to the lashes which have been glued in position to the eyelash shield. Processing times vary depending on the health of the existing lashes. The solution is then removed using a micro-applicator.

2. Neutralizing and tinting
Neutralizing lotion is applied to the eyelash hairs where any lifting solution was present. This is also the step at which tint can be applied once the neutralizing lotion is removed (again, with a micro-applicator).

3. Moisturizer
A moisturizing serum is always applied at the final stage. This will gently release lashes from the adhesive on the shield. It also helps to nourish lashes before they are combed upwards with a clean mascara wand.

You can download documents such as Lash Bomb datasheet and patch test protocol from our online store.


Are you a salon owner or beauty professional in the United States? Then you’ll love our comprehensive range of products to create stunning lashes. So, if you’ve been searching for an eyelash perm kit with a difference, switch to the Lash Bomb.

In our fantastic product selection, we aim to help you build a successful business that has lots of returning clients. We hope you find the products we supply to offer you something many others can’t.

Don’t miss:

We have several bundles available, so the kit you choose will depend on your needs, including full starter packs and mini packs. Always check out the product information for each kit (just click on the items you like) as it will tell you what’s included in your kit, from eyelash separators and glues to setting and neutralizing solutions.

Each step of the process (lifting, neutralizing, and moisturizing) comes in a box of 10 sachets for multiple uses, helping you to get more from each product than many other eyelash brands offer. Each step of the process is clearly labeled on the boxes and sachets, and you can even use these for other treatments such as Brow Bomb lamination. When you’re running low on stock, top-up on all three steps by buying boxes as a bundle to save money or as individual boxes.

Beautiful Brows and Lashes has created a pro bonding adhesive that works perfectly with the Lash Bomb. It’s clear in color, free of toxic chemicals, and dissolves when you add water. This makes it easier to remove anything you have used the adhesive for on your clients’ skin, such as keeping lift pads in place.

We have shields in all sizes, depending on the results you want to produce for your clients’ lashes. Small sizes create the most dramatic look, medium shields achieve a subtle curl, and large sizes give the most natural appearance for the lashes. Save time by trimming the shields to the shape you want to fit each client’s eyes. We supply individual shield boxes, as well as those that come in packs of all sizes.

Save time when lifting lashes by ensuring you have all the tools you need at hand. Our high-quality eyelash brushes are made with the highest quality materials to get beautiful results, whether you need an angled cleaning brush for a precise finish, tint applicators, or a brush with a comb. 

The best techniques can only be used if you have the right tools at hand for the job, so no technician would be without their trusty eyelash separator. This tool helps position lashes correctly and ensures they don’t clump together. It has an easy to hold handle and is made from the best materials, such as stainless steel.

Want your clients to get the best results? The Brow and Lash Toxx aftercare serum provides lashes with a lot of nourishment after the treatment, so you can upsell this product in your salon. It even contains beneficial ingredients such as aloe vera and marshmallow extracts. The product has been created with ease of use in mind, allowing you to apply the exact amount of serum to the lashes.

If any of your clients are looking for products that help to improve the health of their lashes and brows, not only do we supply hair growth serums but also a 100% natural castor oil. It promotes hair growth from the root, improves the health of hair, and creates added shine.

We have an extensive range of tint products for you to get your hands on, whether you need to top up individual dyes, or you’d like to try full packs.

If you plan to provide tint treatments, make sure you have enough tint remover to help you get rid of excess dye on the skin. We supply this in generous bottles to give you great value for money.

Make sure your tints are activated with a cream developer before you use them.


Whether you’ve recently qualified, or you’re looking to upgrade the salon products you use to a better brand, we have everything you need in our online store. Simply add items to your cart, and follow the payment process. You can track your order through our website to find out where your package is. We deliver directly to your, whether that's your salon address, home, or somewhere else.

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