Lash lifts vs. Eyelash Perms

Want to know the difference between an eyelash perm kit and lifting kit? Find out more below.

When using an eyelash perm kit, a cylindrical rod is used to wind hairs around it before the perming solution is applied to help eyelashes keep their new shape. This treatment was ideal for those with longer eyelashes that could afford to be shortened in length to create the desired curl. However, this wasn't a viable option for those with medium and shorter length eyelashes.

 Luckily, eyelash lifts are suitable for everyone thanks to the innovative method used to lift the eyelashes from the root, opening up the eyes. It produces a semi-permanent curl to make sure the natural eyelashes appear longer. Clients love the fact they wake up every morning with long lashes and can save time by going without extensions.

Both treatments take a similar length of time to work but lifts often last longer thanks to the quality of the kit used and the advanced techniques applied. Lifts usually last for up to 8 weeks if you use a good kit from a well-known brand.

Do eyelash perms ruin your eyelashes?

Eyelash perms and lifts use similar products, but as we’ve explained, the techniques differ. With any type of perm, the chemicals included could cause damage if not used properly, so here are some top tips to make sure eyelashes remain healthy.

·     Always buy an perm kit from a reputable company that uses trusted brands.

·     Never use a perm kit unless you have been professionally trained to do so.

·     Pick a product that uses high-quality ingredients that condition the eyelashes.

·     If you’re not a qualified beauty technician, always use the services of someone who is licensed to perform this procedure. Be aware that the rules for different areas of the United States will vary in who can perform the treatment (e.g., a cosmetologist).

·     Make sure you follow all aftercare advice to look after your eyelashes.

·     Take extra care of your eyelashes’ health if having a tint treatment.

·     Use a daily eyelash moisturizer recommended by your salon.

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