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A lash lift is one of the most popular eyelash treatments, allowing clients to ditch their extensions thanks to the impressive results. The process of lifting the lashes uses a variety of products, from lifting and neutralizing creams to adhesives and lash separators.

The lashes are temporarily bonded to an eye shield, which lifts the lash hairs right from their base. Once all the lashes are separated on the shield and positioned correctly, a lifting cream is applied, followed by a neutralizing solution. A good lash lift company will also supply a moisturizer to condition the lash hairs, promote new hair growth, and protect the natural lashes.

A lash lift aims to:

  • Elongate natural lashes without extensions
  • Create a beautiful curl
  • Achieve long-looking eyelashes on all lash lengths
  • Make eyes pop like never before
  • Hydrate the lashes at the same time
  • Produce the ultimate effect when combined with a lash tint

The curl you get can add that ‘wow factor’ to your clients’ eyes, keeping them coming back to use your service again.


If the lash lift was given by a trained cosmetologist using the best products, the results could last for up to 8 weeks. However, this will depend on factors such as how quickly new hairs grow through, the condition of the natural lashes, the extent of the lift, and whether all the aftercare advice was followed.

Aftercare advice which should be supplied by good lash lift companies includes:

  • Don’t rub the eye area, keeping it dry for 24 to 48 hours after the lash lift.
  • Try to sleep on your back for two days post-treatment so that pillows don’t disturb the new lash effect.
  • Don’t use eye make-up or products (including contact lenses) in this area for up to 48 hours post-treatment.
  • Comb the eyelashes in an upwards direction (using a mascara spoolie).
  • Avoid saunas and swimming for 24 to 48 hours.

Clients can also use a lash conditioner product (such as a lash moisturizer or aftercare serum) each day to ensure lashes remain healthy. You could even include a sample of this in the price of your treatments, giving them the option to buy more from you if they need it.

Educating clients will help maintain a gorgeous curl for as long as possible, giving them higher satisfaction in your beauty service. They may even recommend your salon to others as a result.


If you’re trying to search for which size rod or shield to use on the lashes, get some top tips below.

Small Lash Shields
Small rods achieve a more dramatic look for the natural lashes that will give extensions a run for their money. The effect is a unique, glamorous looking curl.

Medium Lash Shields
Medium shields create a more subtle curl, which still achieves the impact you want.

Large Lash Shields
Large shields are the size you need for the most natural-looking curl.

If you choose to use BOMB duo kits, all the shields are made from high-quality silicone and can be trimmed to the size you need. When stocking up on eyelash products, you can even save on the price by buying full packs of all three sizes, ensuring you always have the right products to create the perfect lift.


Because lash lifts take place in such a delicate facial area, it’s vital that clients only receive this treatment from a licensed professional who’s had certified training. Some states may have rules about who can provide lash lift procedures in the area, so always check this out whether you’re looking for a treatment, or wondering whether you should train as a lash lift pro.

The training price will cover all the aspects you need to deliver a fantastic service to your clients, including the products to use, how to get the best results, safety information, the eyelash growth cycle, tints, and more. You could even enhance your service further by training in eyebrow treatments too, such brow lamination.


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BOMB duo Kits
Get everything you want in one easy pack, from lifting and neutralizing solutions to lash separators and shields. Take a look at the product description to see which items are included.

Bomb DUO Steps 1, 2 & 3
Get more sachet boxes (usually sold in boxes of 10) to add to your cart.

Pro Bonding Adhesive
No lash lift service would be complete without pro bonder. The adhesive products we supply are clear and non-toxic. You can buy this item individually or in a bundle with other products, such as BOMB duo steps 1 to 3.

Get all shield products in our store, from small rods that produce the extensions look to full packs of every size.

If you’re looking for a tint that works perfectly with the Bomb DUO, the search is over! We have packs with every color included, as well as mini tinting kits containing a dye of your choice, brush, developer, and mixing dish.

Tools, Brushes & Accessories
Find an array of professional lash tools to help you perform lash lifts to the highest standard. This includes stainless steel lash separators, cleaning brushes, applicator brushes, eye covers, tint remover, aftercare serum, and more.

Free Forms
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