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It’s time to ditch the perm kit and extensions, offering one of the most state-of-the-art lash systems in your salon. To buy a lash lift kit, accessories, and any other items in our product line at a fantastic price, just add what you need to the cart and follow the instructions.

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Are you looking for an alternative to traditional lash perm treatments? Create enviable lashes without using extensions or mascara products?

Whether your clients have delved into the world of lash perm treatments in the past, or they think extensions are the only option for achieving must-have lashes, letting them know the benefits of lash lifts is a great place to start when promoting your services. Please take the time to understand all the advantages of this type of treatment.

Benefits of buying a lash lift kit and tinting packs:

  • Lifting lashes has never been easier if you use a top brand such as Beautiful Brows and Lashes.
  • Undergoing both lash and tint treatments ensures bold, defined looks that enhance a client’s natural eyes and facial features.
  • Create a look that your client will love, whether they crave long, glamorous looking lashes or a subtle curl that opens up the eyes.
  • Tints can be matched to a client’s hair and skin tone. Choose the right color for each customer.
  • A new lift kit can give you a head start, providing you with the basic tools and solutions you need to perform the treatment.
  • Clients will enjoy a quick and effective treatment. Save time by using a fast-acting formula.
  • Lash lift treatments last for up to eight weeks, with tints lasting up to six.
  • You can offer services that are highly popular and cost-effective, increasing your profit margins.
  • Save money on your cost price by buying products in bundles in our online shop.
  • You can also shop for individual items to top up your lash lift kit supplies


Yes! A lash lift can produce beautiful results when a trained, qualified lash pro performs the treatment. That’s why it’s so important to get the right certification before offering these services to clients.

A lash lift is a multi-step process that involves ‘lifting’ the natural lashes to give them a defined curl, opening up the eyes. Effects are enhanced further with a colored tints.

So how does it work? The full process is learned during your official training program, but these are the general steps for how lashes lift in such an effective way. When you buy your lash lift kit, make sure yours has everything you need to get started.

- 1 -
The process starts by ensuring the eye area is completely clean while preparing for the new treatment. Adequate protection is applied to keep the client as safe as possible, including eye pads. A lash technician will use an adhesive product to keep each lash shield in position. Then they slowly lift lashes onto the area before applying the lifting cream. How long this cream is left to work will depend on the condition of the natural lashes and the curl you want to produce.

- 2 -
You can now use small amounts of a neutralizing product where the lash lifting cream was originally applied to the eyelash hairs. Again, the neutralizing process differs between those with fine, coarse, or healthy lashes. It’s at this stage that an optional dye can be applied.

- 3 -
 A lash professional will now use a moisturizing serum to help maintain the health of the lashes. The formula contains ingredients that penetrate the eyelash hair shafts to repair damage caused by perm solutions and dyes. Clients can use a daily lash moisturizer to ensure lashes remain hydrated while promoting new growth.

Want to know more about our training programs?

You’ll learn the best techniques from pros, including how each product works. For inquiries, call us, email, or use our contact form, which requires your name, email address, and message before you submit.



Are you wondering how a lash perm differs from new lash lift treatments? Well, when clients used to ask for an eyelash perm, it was difficult to perform the process on shorter lashes. That’s because lash professionals would use cylindrical rods to wind eyelash hairs around them in order to create a curl. 

Lash lifts differ from a perm product because they use a silicone shield as a holding base when you lift lash hairs close to the root. The different stages of the process produce a defined, smooth curl rather than a tightly wound curl, as seen with a perm. 

Lash lifts are suitable for all eyelash lengths, so even if your client has short lashes, please let them know about this game-changing process.


While it’s possible to use a lash lift kit at home, the process works best when clients lay back in a comfortable position with their eyes shut, so somebody else will need to perform the treatment. However, please only use the services of a licensed professional. The US state you live in may even have its own rules about who can perform the treatment in the area. 

The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so it’s vital you don’t put them at risk. Those who use unlicensed professionals or shop for a kit to use at home could pay the price later on if they use a low-quality product and poor techniques. It takes a lot of training to perfect the lash lift process.


A lash lift should only take place at home if it’s allowed by state laws and is performed by a licensed individual. While at-home beauty treatments are popular, booking into a salon is the safest way to get the results you want. Yes, it comes at a higher price in terms of cost, but the results will last longer, look better, and the treatment will be safer. It’s a closed-eye treatment, so please never attempt to use a lash lift kit on yourself, even if you’re trained. 

Those who ignore this advice could pay the price by over-processing their eyelashes, getting chemicals in their eyes, and risking an allergic reaction without the proper patch testing (especially when it comes using tints).


Are you looking for the best professional lash lift kit in the business? We would highly recommend the Lash Bomb by Beautiful Brows and Lashes. In fact, this is a new partnership formed as we switched to their amazing product line after seeing the results in action. If you’ve been searching for the right kit for your salon, you can save time and money now by buying these high-quality products to add to your stocks.


So what can you get in our Lash Bomb shop?

Trial packs
The best way to try the Lash Bomb product line is to begin with a trial pack. This includes products such as bonding serum, steps 1 to 3 of the lash lift process to save you time, as well as a box of different sized lash shields. Your trial kit should also include a lash separator product to help lift the eyelashes in sections. Always check the details for each kit you buy to see what’s included, as product lines are continually updated.

Tinting products
Need a quality lash tint product? Beautiful Brows and Lashes offers five distinct colors to help enhance the overall lash lift effect. This includes their natural brown dye through to deep black and blue-black shades. Add a tinting kit to your supplies, which has your favorite dye, dappen dish, brush, and tint developer product. You could also opt for a single color or full dye packs with every shade included. Save time when removing excess dye with a pro dye remover.

Lash Bomb steps 1-3 boxes
Do you need to top up your sachets for one stage of the process? Not a problem! You can now add individual boxes of 10 sachets to your cart, whether it’s step 1 (lifting cream), step 2 (neutralizing lotion), or step 3 (eyelash moisturizing serum).

Bonding adhesive
The Lash Bomb adhesive product comes in an easy to use bottle with an applicator brush so that you can easily add it to the shields when lifting the eyelashes. Made from a non-toxic formula, it easily dissolves in water, and lash hairs come free when the step three moisturizer is applied.

Lash lift shield kit
As well as shields in every size, why not add the full collection of shields to your kit? This ensures you can produce the desired lash effect for every client. Sizes range from small to large. Save time by trimming shields as required.

Lash Bomb bundles
As well as getting your hands on a range of kit products, we also provide various bundles at a great price in our shop. This means you can save money by stocking up on specific products you’re running low on in your kit. Options include our ‘perfect pair’ bundle, which you can add to your cart if you need more bonder and steps 1 to 3 sachets.

Lash tools and accessories
No eyelash kit would be complete without new tools and accessories. This includes brushes to use for outstanding results each time, lash separators, applicators, and eye covers. If you offer brow treatments, don’t forget to add new Brow Bomb product collections to your stocks alongside the Lash Bomb.

It’s time to achieve perfect lashes by grabbing your professional products now in our online shop.


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