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All of us at LashLift Store truly care about our customers and strive to deliver the absolute best to the many beauty professionals who count on us to deliver their products and education courses. One of the ways we show you how much we care is by keeping you informed. 

 As we start the 2021 holiday season we want to remind all our customers that there will be occasional shipping delays due to the massive amount of packages shipped during this time of the year. Carriers cannot guarantee delivery times, which is not unusual. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has notified us that they have extended their delivery window times with the holiday season right around the corner!

That being said, PLEASE plan ahead to the best of your ability and order your products with as much lead time as possible. This is to ensure your packages will arrive in a timely manner and to hopefully eliminate any possibility of your products not arriving in time to service your clients. Also, because of the high demand and supply chain obstacles that currently are causing shortages that are impacting all businesses and industries, please ensure you’re stocking up. I can assure you that we have planned ahead and are doing are best to ensure we or stocked with inventory to hopefully eliminate the chances of us selling out of any products.

Effective November 1, 2021, “UPS Next Day Air” or “UPS Next Day Air Saver” delivery will not be available for selection at checkout on our website until after the Holidays have ended.  UPS will not be offering delivery time guarantees during the months of November and December. Please also keep this in mind if you select “UPS 2nd Day Air” for your shipping method at checkout. 

As a company that truly cares about their customers, we get just as frustrated as you are when a package doesn't arrive on time or gets lost. Even though we can't control it, we will do EVERYTHING we can to track it down, file a claim or even replace it! Please have patience with us, and know that you, the customer, is always our number one priority.

Thank you for shopping and trusting us to deliver you the best products, so you can deliver the best and most beautiful results for your clients.

Sara B. Anderson - Owner / Director of Education
  • Currently our packages are picked up by the carriers is no later than 3 pm MST, Monday through Friday.*
  • Please note that we strive to do our absolute best when packaging, labeling, and shipping your orders. Unfortunately once your package is handed over to the selected shipping service, (UPS or USPS) It is completely out of our control when it will arrive. We know that our shipping partners do their best to deliver your packages as soon as possible, however unfortunately some things are outside of our control.*