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Eyebrow lamination has a number of benefits, helping your clients achieve a uniform look across both brows. Not only is it a highly popular service with customers, but as a professional, you can use it to grow your business. Attract more clients by promoting the benefits of brow lamination treatments.

Yes. In fact, there are several benefits of lifting lashes while applying a lash tint, including:

  • The illusion of length, volume, and color
  • Shorter treatment times
  • A more defined final look
  • No need for lash extensions or mascara
  • Improved results for clients
  • Cost-effective treatments

The tint is usually applied to lashes lifted with setting lotion once a neutralizing solution has been used.


The lash lift and tint may fade at different times, but it will depend on the individual when this happens. On average, lash lifts usually last up to eight weeks, and tints will last between three and six weeks. When the client feels they can no longer see the results they want, they can come in for another session rather than use lash extensions.

The effects can decline when the natural lashes fall out as new growth occurs, and this may happen sooner if the eyelash hairs were in poor condition. That’s why a daily lash moisturizer is so important to ensure lashes look healthy, keeping them hydrated. Moisturizing also helps counteract any damage caused by lash tint and perming solution treatments.


Many things can damage lashes, from harsh weather conditions to glues used with lash extensions. With any perming solution, chemicals can damage the eyelash hairs. We supply products from Beautiful Brows and Lashes for their high-quality formulas included at every treatment stage. They’re passionate about protecting lashes from harm, so have carefully put together the perfect blend of lifting power and conditioning benefits.

Lash lifts could ruin your lashes if you were to perform the treatment with a lash kit at home or when someone untrained in lash lifts takes on the lash lifting process. Not only is it a closed-eye procedure, but there are many ways licensed professionals are trained to perform the treatment as safely as possible. This includes protecting each eye from harmful chemicals (e.g., using eye pads and shields), implementing patch testing for clients, and using gentle techniques to lift lashes.


Can you still use mascara after having a lash lift? While lash lifts produce an effect that eliminates the need for lash extensions, if you want a more vibrant, visible, or defined color, this needs to be added via another product. Some clients choose to use mascara that also has the added benefit of keratin, encouraging healthy growth. However, lashes lifted at the same time as tinting is one of the easiest ways to get the desired results. It means clients won’t have to apply mascara while the effects of both the lash lift and tint last.


There are several things you can do to ensure lashes are cared for after the treatment. A lash lift can be enhanced by empowering clients to use aftercare measures. The lashes will look just as good in the days following the treatment as everything settles into place.

Aftercare advice includes:

  • Avoid oil-based cleansers around the eye area after a lash tint.
  • Avoid eye makeup for a minimum of 24 hours, including mascara.
  • If possible, sleep on your back, to stop the bedding touching the lashes.
  • Don’t spend lots of time in steamy or humid spaces.
  • Try not to rub or touch each eye or lashes.
  • Keep the lashes and eye area dry.
  • Don’t use contact lenses for 24 hours in case you disturb the lashes.
  • Use a mascara wand to comb lashes upwards to help the new look settle

The aim is to keep the lashes in their new place, helping them settle for longer-lasting results.

If clients experience any inflammation or stinging, a cold and damp cotton pad can be used to soothe the area. However, if this doesn’t help and the issues persist, they should seek medical assistance. They should also let you know so that you can note this on their client record.


If you’re looking for lash lift and tint products, you need to know about our product collections. Perhaps you work in a salon where you may earn commission for extras sold to clients (e.g., lash lift aftercare serum), or maybe you want to make sure your kit is complete to create the desired look for every client. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.


Tint packs and individual colors
If you want to make sure you can create the look each client wants, get all the lash tints you need in our complete pack. Shades range from natural brown for fairer tones to a deep black for a striking appearance. You can also purchase single dye tubes if you discover some tints deplete quicker than others. These dyes have been formulated for use on both lashes and brows.

Mini tint packs
If you want to start with a single color to try on lashes, you can also buy this as part of a mini tint kit. It comes with everything you need to use the dye, including a mixing dish, applicator, and developer, all in one pack.

Cream developer
No professional lash tint kit is completed without a cream developer. This ensures the tint is activated before the treatment so that it’s ready to use.

Tint remover
Once the color has set on the lashes during the tinting treatment, any leftover dye can be removed from your client’s skin with a tint remover. It contains beneficial products that are kind to the skin and lashes, including willow bark extract and aloe vera.


BOMB duo packs
There are plenty of options available when it comes to which lash lift kits to buy. We supply trial packs with all the basics included, as well as bundles, to save you money. This includes kits that combine products like the different sachets of the BOMB duo steps and bonding adhesive. Find the right kit for your requirements.

Lash lift pro bonder
Bonding adhesive is one of the most vital parts of any lash lift kit. Not only is it used to fix shields in place for the procedure, but it also helps keep the lifted lashes on the shield. These will come loose when lash moisturizer is used, but the adhesive also dissolves when water is added to any skin where glue has been applied.

Shields for lashes
During the BOMB duo treatment, a beautiful curl is achieved when lashes lift onto an eye shield before the lifting cream is applied. You can get full packs to create any look or buy individual sizes. Sizes range from small for a dramatic look to large shields for a more natural curl.

Lash lift aftercare serum
As well as our range of hair growth serums, we also have products to help clients maintain the lashes’ health. The Brow & Lash InTOXXification provides lashes with the ultimate aftercare nourishment, designed for applying the perfect amount each use.

We also supply lots of other products to stock up your salon, including tools for lashes, cleansers, accessories, and apparel. We even offer data sheets to give you the information you need to accompany your kits.

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