Lashes lift right from their base with our amazing products. It’s the modern alternative to the eyelash perm kit you may have traditionally seen in salons, but it can be used on all lash lengths.

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You’ve probably heard of an eyelash perm, but lash lifts are becoming more popular. The lash lift is one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry, with no signs of it going away any time soon. 

Why should you train in lash lifts over an eyelash perm?

  • Offer a treatment that creates the illusion of much longer lashes, without the need to use extensions.
  • Use advanced techniques to curl the lashes in the right place for producing the desired effect, whether clients want a dramatic or subtle appearance.
  • The processing time is short, so you can fit in more treatments, become more cost-effective, and clients can save time by having such quick service.
  • Effects last for up to 8 weeks before clients return for a new treatment, making it a highly profitable service.
  • Learn from pros who will show you how to use the best products.
  • Even if you’ve been previously trained, you may learn a better way of doing things and advance your skills to the next level.
  • Add a certification copy to your salon wall to show your qualifications and build trust with clients.
  • Save money buying kits and bundles of the different product items you need.


So, what’s the difference between an eyelash perm and eyelash lifting? Well, there are several ways the treatments differ, with a perm being the more traditional approach that’s not often used anymore.

Lash lifts are the new eyelash perm.

This is how an eyelash perm and lash lift differ:

The way you curl Lashes
An eyelash perm kit used rods to wind lashes around them, making it a suitable treatment for longer eyelash hair lengths. Unlike a perm, a lift kit achieves the curled effect via silicone rods or shields. This forms a base to lift lashes from their root, setting them in place with lifting creams. It creates a curl and elongated effect for the natural lashes.

Eyelash Lengths
An eyelash perm kit is most suited to longer lashes that tightly wind around the rods, often ruling out the perm treatment for shorter eyelash hairs. This new alternative treatment to perm procedures allows cosmetologists to lift lash hairs from their root, so it doesn’t matter how long the existing lashes are.

The Effects
The effects of a lash lift kit should be slightly longer than those achieved via an eyelash perm kit, with results visible for around 6 to 8 weeks. Aftercare advice should always be given to help clients prolong the gorgeous look, allowing them to save time and money. 

If you’ve previously trained to use an eyelash perm kit, try eyelash lift treatments instead. You can apply to train with us through our website. If you have any inquiries, please contact us before you apply. When you get in touch, just add your name, email address, and message to the contact form.


No. Lash lifts require expert skill and knowledge, delicately placing eyelashes on a shield covered in a pro adhesive, before you apply the lifting, neutralizing, and moisturizing lotions. You may find a way of getting your hands on a kit, but please don’t try to use it on yourself. The best results are achieved when a client lays back, closes their eyes, eye shields are applied, and a professional lash lift kit is used.


The best way to stay safe during any eyelash procedure is to use a licensed professional. Before you try a lash lift and tint treatment, a patch test will be completed for any product which could cause a reaction. For example, a small amount of tint product is applied to the client’s inner arm about 24 to 48 hours prior to the procedure. If there’s no skin reaction during this time, you may proceed. However, irritation, redness, or swelling indicate a sensitivity to the dye, so you should not continue if you see these warning signs.

When using a lift kit, you must choose a product that will not damage the lashes. That’s why we trust the Lash Bomb. The unique formula also has nourishing benefits for eyelash hairs, with a special blend of ingredients used to condition and hydrate. We also have aftercare serum products you can sell to your clients to help them achieve healthier lashes. Add this to your lift kit to expand your salon product line when you stock up on supplies.


How long your lash lift kit lasts will vary between individuals. Many technicians choose to invest in a larger lift kit when they first stock up their salon products, containing anything from lifting creams and moisturizing serums to eyelash separators, shields, and adhesive. 

If you choose the Lash Bomb Trial Pack. Most boxes have ten sachets each.” Once opened, you can re-seal sachets using micropore tape, ensuring you write the opening date on the packet. Place the sachet in an airtight container for the next use.

A lash lift kit will deplete quicker if you have more clients (which is a good thing!), but you may need to keep an eye on how quickly your stocks are used up. If you need more individual items, you can buy these separately. For example, you may not need another lash separator or procedure form, but you do require extra boxes of the lotions required.



Ready to switch out your old eyelash perm kit? Get the best lift kit right here at the Lash Lift Store. For the ultimate results, try the Lash Bomb. We love Beautiful Brows and Lashes for their reliability, beautiful results, and high-quality formulas, offering a way of lifting lashes like no other. 

Those who try the Lash Bomb often notice an immediate difference in the standards produced, and you can save money by checking out our limited product lines, deals, and sets.

In our online store, try:

Step 1 boxes
This product can be bought individually or as part of a lash lift kit. Use this lifting solution to restructure the eyelash hair shafts, helping you mold eyelashes in the desired way around the shield. The cream is enriched with a nourishing blend of cocoa butter, hydrolyzed silk, vitamin B3, and biotin. Save time and money when you add this fast processing lotion into your process.

Step 2 boxes
Add step 2 boxes to your lift kit if you need more neutralizing lotions. A technician should apply this product to any areas of the eyelashes where the lifting cream was used.

Step 3 boxes
Please add step three sachets to your cart if you want more moisturizing product. This serum contains lots of different ingredients to promote eyelash health, offering the ultimate aftercare step. It includes chamomile, aloe vera, rosemary, marshmallow extract, and apricot extracts.

Pro bonder (adhesive)
This bonder helps the shields stay in place on the eyelids and keeps lashes in place once lifted in sections onto the shield. This non-toxic formula dissolves quickly in water to help you easily remove it from the eyelids after the treatment. The eyelashes should come free when step 3 moisturizer is applied.

Try different shield sizes for varying effects, from subtle and natural curls to those which dramatically open up the eyes. Add single size shield packs to your cart or get the ultimate shield kit with all sizes included. You can save money by buying a full product kit.

Lash lift kits
Find the right lash lift kit for you. You could start with a trial lift kit, which you can try if you don’t have any lash lift products in stock. 

Aftercare serum
Try the Lash and Brow Toxx for the ultimate aftercare serum to add to eyelashes. The product allows you to apply the perfect amount each time, and you can use it on eyebrows too. Expand your product line today.

Lash lift tools & accessories
Try to find a better range of lash lift tools and accessories than we have in our online store. This includes lash separators, brushes, eye covers, and much more!

Lash tints
Try our beautiful tints to bring out the best from the lash lift results, coming in various shades, from deep black to natural brown. We even have a black-blue dye for added lustre.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our product line. When you add items to your order and pay, you can track your delivery through our website. A variety of payment methods can be used to purchase items, including PayPal.