Beauty clients want to know they’re getting the best up-and-coming treatments when visiting a salon, so offering brow lamination is a must. This new eyebrow trend is making waves across the industry, creating beautifully defined eyebrows that leave others envious of the stunning look produced.

At the LashLift Store, we provide our customers with the best brow and lash products available, partnering with top beauty brands. We’re proud to supply the Bomb DUO by Beautiful Brows and Lashes. Our collections include their full lamination packs and high-quality tints that are beloved by brow professionals.

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Eyebrow lamination has a number of benefits, helping your clients achieve a uniform look across both brows. Not only is it a highly popular service with customers, but as a professional, you can use it to grow your business. Attract more clients by promoting the benefits of brow lamination treatments.

Advantages of this type of brow treatment include:

  • Give a new structure to the brow hairs.
  • Get a sleek look without the need for brow gel.
  • Redirect hairs in the shape you want.
  • Ensure both brows look the same.
  • Produce a fuller look, giving the illusion of denser eyebrow hairs.
  • Create neater looking brows – no more messy hairs!
  • Help sparse hair by producing more volume.
  • Use a professional brow lamination kit to get the best results.
  • Enjoy a less invasive process than with other treatments like microblading.

If you would like more advice about how to train in this treatment, just get in touch.


Laminated eyebrows have a distinctive appearance.

A brow lamination treatment can also be referred to as a ‘brow sculpt’ or ‘brow lift’ and with good reason. The brows are usually brushed in an upwards direction to improve the definition of the hairs, coaxing them using adhesive, setting solutions, and brushes. Each hair is essentially 'lifted' from its base and straightened, giving them a longer appearance. Hairs are then set in the desired position.

The feathery appearance gives you model-worthy brows within minutes, producing a shape like no other treatment achieves. Unlike a microblading process, lamination doesn’t require a pigment. That said, you can opt for a brow tint alongside the lamination treatment to make eyebrows stand out more, which is especially helpful for those with lighter hair tones.


Not only is the brow lamination process quick and easy, but the results last!

The brow lamination treatment effect should remain for anywhere up to eight weeks, giving clients salon-perfect brows each day without the need for eyebrow makeup. Once they notice new non-laminated hairs have come through, clients can return to use your services again.

You can help clients prolong the results of the eyebrows lamination by giving them good aftercare instructions. They’ll need to know all the things to avoid in the first 24 to 48 hours after the treatment, like steamy rooms, brow makeup, and swimming. They should also try not to touch the brows, and they should sleep on their back if possible, to help the brow hairs keep their new shape.

Always make time to educate your customers about what they can do to enhance their beautiful brows. It means you’ll offer them the best advice, and they may even recommend your services to others as a result while returning for further treatments.


While many beauty treatments are famous for causing long-term damage without proper care, there are always ways to ensure you condition the brows and lashes when undergoing treatments. The harsh chemicals used in the brow lamination process are counteracted if you use a brand that has chosen a high-quality mix of ingredients.

That’s what you get when using BOMB duo. The three steps of the brow lamination treatment include using setting, neutralizing, and moisturizing solutions that aim to condition and hydrate the brow hair at the same time. Products like this can even help the brows grow back fuller, quicker, and stronger.

You could also use hair growth serums to restore the health of brows and encourage new growth.


The price you set per eyebrow lamination treatment will depend on your overall costs, including the processing time and the products you use. One of the best ways to reduce the cost of your eyebrow lamination services is to buy your supplies in complete kits, and then top up individual products if you use them more often.

We hope that’s something you like when shopping with the LashLift Store, as we’ve worked hard to ensure you have an extensive range of products to choose from. We hope this supports professionals to become as profitable as possible.


Trained, licensed beauty professionals can now get their hands on our brow lamination collections, making the treatment process easy and enjoyable for you. We’ve partnered with leading brow companies and brands to give our customers access to the best brow products and training in the industry.

Bomb DUO is now available in our store! Instantly see the difference it makes to the outcomes of your brow treatments, creating beautiful looks that will wow your clients.


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