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What is brow henna?


Brow henna is a semi-permanent eyebrow tinting method that produces a temporary tattoo effect. This brow enhancement treatment got its name through its use of hair dye, which contains coloring agents from henna plants. These natural ingredients produce a high-quality, luxurious dye. The henna is extracted directed from both the leaves and flower of the plant, helping to create a superior stain across the skin below the brows.


What is the difference between brow tint and henna?


While many people assume brow tinting and henna are the same, they’re actually very different treatments. Eyebrow tints use an oxidant to open hair cuticles, allowing the dye to penetrate the hairs. On the other side, brow henna works by coating the outer layer of the hair shafts. This is beneficial for eyebrows that may have imperfections, achieving softer, smoother, and thicker-looking brows. As a plant-based product, henna brow dyes often contain less harmful ingredients than tints.


Clients often choose to use henna on eyebrows rather than tinting if they have sensitive skin or love the look of the skin stain behind the brow hairs. They may have even had a previous skin reaction to tint product, but had no problems with brow henna. Salons should consider adding eyebrow henna to their product lines to provide services appealing to a wider pool of clients.


Both tinting treatments provide stunning results, and professionals should learn how to customize techniques to achieve the most successful results. You could even embark on expert training courses to enhance your techniques, ensuring you use all products safely.


Benefits of using henna for eyebrows


If you want to create the perfect brows, choose henna. It’s one of the most popular eyebrow treatments available in the beauty industry. It has gained a reputation for excellent results thanks to its striking colors and beneficial outcomes.


Benefits include:


·     HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: The color pigment is extracted from a natural henna plant, creating a superior formula. Salons can really see the difference in the result produced.


·     GENTLE FORMULAS: Unlike some types of hair dye, the gentle blend of ingredients in henna dye is kinder to hair and skin than other chemical-filled products, which often contain ammonia.


·     BEAUTIFUL FINISHES: Your clients will love the look of henna brows, creating gorgeous looks that will keep them coming back for more.


·     NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS: While the colors produce a striking look, they’re also very natural-looking, enhancing the existing brows to look their best while having a deeper appearance.


·     SHAPE THE BROWS: Looking for a better eyebrow shape? When you use a henna eyebrow kit on the hair and skin, it can help restore the shape you want for your brows, especially if applied by a professional.


·     PERFECT RANGE OF COLORS: Colors will vary from brand to brand, but you’ll often find different brown shades available, such as dark brown, light brown, and blonde, as well as natural brown shades and deep black.


·     TAILORED LOOKS: Your brow technician can mix the best dye color to complement your skin and hair tone, whether you have black, brown, or fair hair. For example, dark brown dye could be suitable for darker skin tones and natural brunette or dark blonde hair.


·     APPLY DYES INDIVIDUALLY OR MIX: Always check instructions on the brow supplies you’re using, but henna dye colors can often be mixed to create the perfect shade as required.


·     RESTORE HAIR GROWTH: As well as vibrant colors, eyebrow henna also has benefits for brow hairs, encouraging healthy hair growth to restore the natural shape of the brows. This is due to beneficial ingredients such as proteins and vitamins present in the brow henna.


·     IMPROVE BROW HEALTH: As well as encouraging brow hair regrowth, the formula also contains ingredients which help make hairs stronger and healthier, which is a particular benefit for those with sparse or fine brow hairs. We’re often told traditional dyes can cause a lot of damage to our hair and skin, so it’s refreshing to find such nourishing formulas.


·     STAY PROFITABLE: As one of the most popular natural brow treatments, adding this service to your beauty line can help you become a more profitable business and provide clients in the local area with the best treatment options for their eyebrows.


·     TOP BRANDS: At the Lash Lift Store, we choose products from leading brands who have worked hard to find the best henna plant suppliers for their product lines. Dye tubes can often last for approximately 100 applications, depending on the brand chosen and how you use the product.


·     COMPLETE KITS: As well as buying different dyes separately, purchase a complete henna kit to give you everything you need to get started and achieve the best results for your clients. You can also buy just one dye tube if you’re running low on a particular color, such as one of the many brown shades available.


How is brow henna best applied?


How you use brow henna products will come down to the individual brand you’ve selected. Always use a professional service if you’ve not been trained to use the kit correctly and safely. They’ll understand the best practices to protect your eyebrows and skin, producing outstanding results.


When the dye is applied, you may find some of the following steps are advised for the process.


-      Some salons will recommend a skin patch test at least 24 to 48 hours before the treatment to ensure the client has no sensitivities to the henna.

-      Make sure you have everything you need in your kit before you begin.

-      Some brow professionals like to groom the eyebrows before they begin to prepare the area for the treatment, including threading or tweezing the hairs.

-      All brow makeup should be removed before the treatment starts.

-      A brow shampoo can be used first, allowing for a deep clean of the eyebrows to open up the area for greater coverage and a smoother, fuller-looking finish.

-      A pH activator is sometimes recommended to activate the henna, enhancing the results as much as possible.

-      It’s always good to have a mixing glass and sticks at hand to create the perfect color blend for each client.

-      Use a soft angled brush that’s been designed for use on eyebrows, helping you to apply the product with precision to the hairs and skin below.

-      Small irregularities in the application can be corrected using a cotton swab and tint remover.

-      Henna treatments usually take about 20 minutes for deep penetrating results.

-      At the end of the treatment, the excess henna is removed.


How long does henna last on eyebrows?


Henna brow outcomes will vary from product to product, but clients can usually expect the effects to last for up to six weeks. You can ensure the results last for as long as possible by choosing a high-quality kit, using a professional salon, and implementing the aftercare advice to stop the color fading.


Aftercare advice may include:


-      Keep the brows dry for about 24 hours post-treatment.

-      Avoid cleansing products on the brows.

-      Limit any makeup and creams used around the brow area.

-      Avoid humid environments, including sunbathing and tanning salons. 


How much are henna eyebrows?


The cost of henna treatments depends on your location and the reputation of the salon, with most services ranging from $35 to $100. Always check out the salon reviews before you book there, and ask which products they use. You may also like to factor in any additional treatments you’d like for your eyebrows while there.


Always check what’s included in the price. Some salons will have different packages available, including services in which only the henna is applied, or full sculpting in which the eyebrows are shaped.


Overall, henna treatments are very reasonably priced when compared to other brow treatments, such a microblading. 


Where to buy henna mixing tools


As well as henna colors, check out our professional range of henna products in our online shop to help you achieve long-lasting results. One item many salons wouldn’t be without is a henna mixing tool. It’s one of the best products you can have in your armor if you want to ace henna mixing.


If you don’t mix henna properly using the best techniques, it won’t have a good consistency to allow you to apply the dye evenly and smoothly across the brow hairs. If the henna is too thick, it can have clumps in the mix, and if it’s too watery, it could irritate the skin.


Henna mixing tools are battery-operated, compact, hand-held, and incredibly easy to use, giving you greater control over the consistency of the henna. It also means you can mix the right color for each client, whatever shade of black, brown, or blonde tones they require.


What are brow lamination treatments?


For the ultimate brows, many clients like to book a brow lamination treatment in addition to henna. However, always check with your salon about whether these can be completed during one treatment, or if it’s better to leave time between them.


Brow lamination restructures the eyebrow hairs into the desired shape, using a lifting solution. If you’d like to try one of the best brow lamination kits available, at the Lash Lift Store, we stock the Brow Bomb by Beautiful Brows and Lashes. We even supply complete lamination packs to help you perform at your best and produce precise results. Kits contain lifting, neutralizing, and moisturizing sachets, as well as Y tool applicators and pro bonder.


Brow lamination can last for up to two months, so this times well with the fading of the henna color. After this time, clients can return to their salon for a top-up treatment to restore their new eyebrow shape and color. 


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