Are Lash Lift Kits Safe?

If you’re searching for lash perm kits or lash lift kits that are safe to use, here’s some key advice.

·     Always check out the online reviews from both clients and beauty professionals when investing in a new kit.

·     First-time clients may require a patch test 24 hours before, depending on manufacturer instructions, especially if they’re combining the treatment with a tint for their eyelashes.

·     Never try to save money by buying the cheapest kit without doing your research first – there could be a reason the price is low. For example, the kit may not include as many products as others do, or the sachets are smaller.

·     Only those qualified in the professional techniques used should use an eyelash lift kit. They’ll have the training required to protect eyes and skin during the treatment, including the use of under-eye lift pads.

·     Don’t attempt a lift or perm at home if you’re not qualified to carry out the procedure. We offer lash lift training if you would like to be trained on the process and get certified.

The safest techniques and best results occur when you have your eyes closed and lay back, helping a professional get into the best position to work on your eyelashes.

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Their products are used by professionals all over the United States and around the world, renowned for producing long-lasting results that clients come back time and time again for. They also put an emphasis on long-term eyelash health with all their solutions containing ingredients that aim to nourish eyelashes and even encourage healthier regrowth.


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