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Switch To Lash Bomb or Brow Bomb With Our Amazing Conversion Courses

Are you certified in another brand and looking to switch to Lash Bomb or Brow Bomb? You’re in the right place! We offer our Lash Bomb and Brow Bomb Conversion course to help you expand your knowledge and love for lash lifting using our products. In this course, you will receive a Lash Bomb or Brow Bomb Manual, Unrivaled Online Training Modules, a Certificate of Achievement once the course is completed, and you will become part of a nationwide network of beauty professionals that support you along your path. The product kit is not included in the conversion course. Our Lash Bomb Trial Kit is the perfect kit to start using our amazing product!

Course comes with:

  • Lash Bomb Student Manual
  • Access to Online Training Modules
  • Certificate of Achievement

*Must submit a valid certification from another brand to enroll.

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