Patch Test Sachets

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Introducing our Patch Testing Kit

How do I ensure my clients are not allegic to the ingredients and have a pleasant experience during and after their service? This question is asked a lot by professionals.  Our Patch Testing Sachets are the anwser. 

The old way we instructed professionals was to open a normal sized sachet and apply a small amout of product somewhere on the clients skin 24 hours before the sceduled lash lift or brow lamination service. Our Patch Testing Sachets which have been designed for use prior to both Lash Bomb Lash Lifting or Brow Bomb Lamination Treatments allows you to prevent the any potential of contamination prior to preforming the actual service. Simply open the patch testing sachet, apply to the clients skin, and disguard. 

Our Patch Test kit includes:
50 x 0.25ml Lifting Cream (Step One)
50 x  0.25ml Neutralizing Lotion  (Step Two)
50 x Patch Test Client Record Cards

Each sachet is single use only, for patch testing purposes ONLY!

*Step 3 is not included

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